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4 Sexy Essentials Every Woman Should Have in Their Lingerie Drawer ...

By Heather

There are some sexy essentials every woman should have in her lingerie drawer. Face it, most women like shopping. When shopping, you must search for all the essentials for both the clothes and what goes underneath. Whatever the season, anything that is both flexible and stylish is important. Women focus on trendy, chic and fashionable articles that work with all occasions. Sure, you stockpile everything from underwear to handbags, but you must treat yourself with things that will make you feel sexy and confident, both inside your house and outside! Scroll down to start rehabilitating your lingerie drawer, keeping in mind that buying updated items can always help in the future! Here are the sexy essentials every woman should have in her lingerie drawer.

1 Perfume

This is one of the top sexy essentials every woman should have in her lingerie drawer. Keeping this little item close to you can help feel more sensuous while reflecting your personality. This item can also remind you of long forgotten memories while bringing a smile to your face. The right fragrance can make you more attractive to a potential partner. However, remember, too much is overpowering! Spritz a little bit on the insides of your wrists, at the base of your neck and any other body parts that you feel are essential to be noticed.

2 Lace

These little garments can help in any situation, from reducing a visible panty line to providing a silky-smooth feeling throughout the day. Lace as a fabric has the unique ability to provide concealment, and revelation at the same time. It can not only make you feel sexy, but it can also deliver an increased sense of adventure or discovery because it conceals and reveals at the same time. By varying its colors, you can provide a sense of innocence, strength, or romance to any situation.

3 Essential Oils

Essential oils can come in the form of anything from massage oils to oil sachets. Fragrant oil sachets can be created from DIY home activities that can help spice up drawer scents. Massage oils can be used with your partner where you can reap the benefits of sexiness and relaxation. Some examples include lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, and almond oils. Essential oils can help create a bond between you and your partner within the bedroom while relieving tension and stress.

4 Silk

Silk slips, robes, camisoles, and underwear are all essential items for your lingerie drawer. Sexy silk satin combined with lacy patterns can create a sensuous appeal to the eye. Silk is one of the few perfect wardrobe items that you can use to boost your confidence inside and outside of the bedroom.

Always remember that developing the perfect lingerie drawer is a great foundation for your daily clothing choices. Having the right coverage helps you feel sexy and confident throughout the day and well into the night with additional choices to help you in the bedroom. These tips provide you with some sexy choices for your lifestyle!

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