2. What's My Name by Rihanna


To be honest, I never heard this song before making this post. When I heard it though? I love it! Rhianna is one of the sexiest artists out there and I gotta say, 'What's My Name' is definitely one of the sexy songs that gets me in the mood! It's got hot lyrics, a bangin' beat and the singing is incredible!

Animal by Neon Trees


Heather Jensen
Oh! Love it!!
Remy Romero
30 seconds to mars cover of bad romance! amazing!!!
&.... Rihanna - Rude Boy ! RaWr' ;)
take you down by chris brown.
oh and u guys forgot can't be tamed it's the song to get u into a mood for fucking
you should have put night of the hunter by 30 seconds to mars
Guys u hav 2 try sparks fly!! OMG it's the mood song my boyfriend was spending the night and the next morning this came on the radio and i was dancing around in my pj's and apperently it was to hot fo...
I'll take the liberty to add one song you absolutely musn't forget: Butterfly (You've Got It All) - by Jason Mraz
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