10 Sexy Things to Try with Your Man ...


Sexy things to try with your man can range from something sweet and tender to something hot and steamy! It's good to try new things and make little gestures to keep the romance and the love alive between the two of you! I have 10 of top sexy things to try out with your man just in case you've been looking for a few ways to light the fires-or feed them! No matter which side of the tracks your on, this article will feed and fuel the sparks that fly between you and your lover. Read on for 10 sexy things to try with your man!

1. Sleep on Satin

One of my top favorite sexy things to try with your man is sleeping on satin sheets! Satin sheets not only reduce friction on your skin and keep wrinkles at bay, but they simply feel so amazing to sleep on! Pick up a set in a passionate color and throw them on your bed for a luxurious night to spend with your man.

Pick up Some Shea Butter Soap
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