17 Sexy 😈 Things You Can Give Him 😘 for Christmas 🎄 ...


Your man deserves something sexy for Christmas, don't you think? Instead of buying him something expensive, like a new watch or car, you can just give him the gift of yourself. If that sounds like a great idea, here are a few sexy things you can give your man for the holidays:

1. Lingerie


You don't actually have to buy him a gift. If you buy yourself some new lingerie, you can consider it a gift for him, because he's going to be the one enjoying it.

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@sellidionne. I agree. Write about it. You can write an article too in fact any body can. It's great to put your thoughts out there
of course a woman's life is not all about the man but for those times when you want to do something for the person you are in a relationship (like you should do in a relationship), these articles are ...
Too many articles about him this and him that ! No disrespect but females lives is not all about the man !!
peony blue
Hmm a nice cosy hug should do heheheh
For him a nice pair of boxers and cologne. For me the sexiest little lingerie I can get my hands on and perfume. Some chocolates, oils, rose pedals and nice sexyy smooth music... oh dear, did I forget something...
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