What Your BF Should Know about Your Exes ...


Most of us have had previous relationships before meeting our present partner. But how much should your current boyfriend know about your previous partners? Should you tell him everything, or should the past stay in the past? Here is what your boyfriend should know about your exes …

1. That They're in the past

None of us like to be reminded that our partner dated other people before us. We like to think that we're the only important thing that's ever happened to them. But everybody has a history, and it's part of your life. What they need to know is that your exes are in the past, and that you're living in the present.

What Went Wrong


I just got my boyfriend but he has only really come out of a relationship where his ex girlfriend cheated on him. But now I have read this article I know what to do.
My fella has said our past is history , although we do chat about past failed relationships !!
Never live in the past....love this article
I agree @beryl an ex is an ex for a reason.
Beryl Stokes
My second husband and I were both in our 50 's when we met each other. Of course we knew we each had a past and accepted it. Daft if we din't ! We often have a laugh telling each other about escapades...
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