4. Any Risky Behavior

While you shouldn't give your new partner every little detail about previous sexual partners, they do have a right to know if you engaged in any risky behavior. That's because it could have very serious repercussions for them. In fact, it's a good idea for you both to get tested when you begin a new relationship.

Keep It Balanced


I just got my boyfriend but he has only really come out of a relationship where his ex girlfriend cheated on him. But now I have read this article I know what to do.
My fella has said our past is history , although we do chat about past failed relationships !!
Never live in the past....love this article
I agree @beryl an ex is an ex for a reason.
Beryl Stokes
My second husband and I were both in our 50 's when we met each other. Of course we knew we each had a past and accepted it. Daft if we din't ! We often have a laugh telling each other about escapades...
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