Should You 🤔 Ask a Guy out 💭 for Coffee ☕️?

Although younger women may not realize this, today's dating scene is a lot riskier than the good 'ol days. Back then, you had to be home by midnight. Back then, there were no on-line dating websites, where often creepers lurk. Back then, women never asked men out on a date.

Should a woman ask a guy out on a date? Let's watch the video to see what is suggested...

Beavis and Butthead were the two who came into mind when I first watched this video. However, I think the two cartoon characters made very good points. Coffee is where a guy and a woman may take a "test drive" before "purchasing" a "relationship"...

1. Safety

You are safer in a coffee shop than in, say, a club or a bar.

2. Independence

If you are an independent woman, you can pay for your own coffee.

3. Easier

If you end up not liking him, you can tell him that you cannot afford a refill and leave.

4. Economical

It's coffee, not a five-star meal. You are not going into debt over a man.

5. Ice Breaker

Consider it an "appetizer" to a date.

I hope this video helps!