7 Shrewdly Clever Reasons to Avoid a Dating Type ...


Date Type characteristics vary from one person to the next, but having one can really restrict your choices. It’s okay to prefer intelligence, a sense of humor, dark eyes, or blond hair, but sometimes you have to keep an open mind so you don’t fall into a bad kind of dating type. After all, some types are unattainable – plus, you can miss out on a great partner if you’re just bound and determined to stick with one kind of person. So, check out these great reasons to avoid a dating type!

1. You Won’t Be Settling

Sometimes, when you have a really stringent time, you can actually end up settling. You might end up with a guy or girl with the right coloring, the right level of education, and the right job, but you won’t necessarily have anything in common. Those traits may be important to you, but realizing they aren’t the only things that matter in a relationship can lead to new experiences.

You Won’t Get Stagnant
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