15 Warning Signs 🚨 You Aren't ❌ Attracted to Your Man πŸ’ Anymore πŸ’” ...


Learning that you are not attracted to your boyfriend any longer is hard to bear or even hard to consider. Do you find yourself wondering if you are at all attracted to your boyfriend? Do you think that there is a huge disconnect between you two? Below, I've got the top 15 signals you are not attracted to your boyfriend so that maybe, you can finally admit it. Remember, just because you are not attracted to your boyfriend, doesn't mean you can't attempt to be friends with him!

1. Every Small Thing He Does Gets on Your Nerves


Does every, single, small, tiny thing that he does get on your nerves? Even when he is just trying to have a conversation with you? This is the first sign you are not attracted to your boyfriend anymore. It's hard to admit, especially if you've been together a long time, but attraction can fade away, if you let it.

You Can't Remember the Reason Why You Thought He Was Attractive


Same boat here but I'm not giving up, I feel like I've invested too much, and it's only surfaced recently along with depression. Is it possible that these butterfly feelings everyone speaks of fade wi...
I broke up with him..after 6 years of being together n I feel alright 😌
@Cynthialoved Smith I think usualy it happens when a person is in love with someone else
Omg soooo true!
ive been with my guy for over 7 years now and I still have those butterfly and rainbow feelings it all depends if uve met the right guy or not!
Ladies you shouldn't try forcing urself to fall in love with a guy cause obviously he aint the one u not only wasting his time but urs to and thats not fair on the both of you!! love and butterflies s...
All of the sign that given is hapinning to me now :(
Heather Jensen
@Cynthialoved Smith, why do you think that the feeling was gone? Do you feel absolutely nothing for him?
Cynthialoved Smith
i was having sex last night with my boyfriend i start crying i didnt feel anything ,the feeling i had for him is gone ,what should i do ?
I feel exactly the same way about my boyfriend, but don\'t want to leave him & break his heart because I know he loves me so much and I\'m so close to his family. What should I do?
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