3. You're Not at the Same Place in Your Lives

This is where age can become a factor. However, there's a huge difference between a 25-year-old college student living at home and a single professional of the same age. This isn't to say that you shouldn't get involved with an otherwise-great guy because of this, but there needs to be a plan to eventually get to the same place. It can't just be a plan β€œon paper”, either; there has to be solid action involved. Trust me, waiting for someone to play β€œcatch-up” to you gets old quickly.

He Can't 'handle You' during the Hard Times


Why doesn't your fiance approve of your closeness? Does he think something's going on?
Hafizah Adnan
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Amina Abdul
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Sounds about right
Thank you for number 4 :)
Anna Yumeco
good advice ??
Indie Sophie Morse
Sound about right it sound like my ex!
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