7. He Deletes His Browsing History – Every Day

So I dated a guy way back when and every single time I would use his computer for anything, I'd notice that he'd constantly delete his history, as if he didn't want me to go snooping. Now, I am a very trusting person, but isn't that weird? If you are having the same problem with your man, it could be a sign he is shady!

He Won’t Introduce You to Anyone He Knows


@Heather Jensen, ..Tq .. so what should now?? can you give me any advice??
Heather Jensen
Hey Joanne! I'd approach him about it! He could be doing something shady that he isn't sharing with you!
OMG !! my boyfriend always n always do that ....what should I do know??? Please help me... Gosh.. {T-T}
Heather Jensen
That's so sad! I'm glad you aren't with him anymore. :)
Rachael Hojnacki
Did they somehow base this article on my "ex"? He fits each
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