5 Things a Guy Does That Screams Hes NOT Boyfriend Material ...

By DeShonna

There are some definite signs he is not boyfriend material. Listen, we've all know the dating scene can be well ummm...a little unpredictable and crazy at times! And sometimes, we see what we want to see. Well here are a few red flags that you may not want to look past! If you notice these signs he is not boyfriend material, it might be time to move on.

Table of contents:

  1. he doesn’t show you off to his friends and family
  2. he never wants to take you out in public - only to your place or his
  3. you can only reach him at certain times
  4. the topic of conversation always somehow ends up about him and rarely you
  5. he's always checking his phone or he keeps his phone on vibrate all the time

1 He Doesn’t Show You off to His Friends and Family

You have met zero to one of his friends or family members. Well after about 3 to 6 months this is a no-brainer! Ladies, if you are not important enough for him to want to show you off, chances are he's not that into you. At least not enough to be considered a part of your future. Not wanting to show you off is one of the biggest signs he is not boyfriend material.

2 He Never Wants to Take You out in Public - Only to Your Place or His

Any guy that wants to impress a lady, will pull out all the stops. He will do what YOU want, and try to please you in every way he can. This simply shows that he cares.

3 You Can Only Reach Him at Certain Times

Chances are he's entertaining other women. Or already has a main one. And if that’s the case, then you are already in a side chick role. This leaves the rest up to you. Go with your intuition! It never fails.

4 The Topic of Conversation Always Somehow Ends up about Him and Rarely You

This is a red flag that he is all about himself. A man that is genuinely interested will want to know more about you. As a person. And not just in the sheets.

5 He's Always Checking His Phone or He Keeps His Phone on Vibrate ALL the Time

This is a dead giveaway. At the very least inconsiderate. If he can't give you his undivided attention while you're together this is a clear sign he’s most likely got something else going on in his life. And if he's more interested in his phone than he is spending time with you, well you probably know the rest!

So for all those of you on the hunt, we hope this provides a little more insight for you! After all, the game never changes! Only the players do.

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