7 Signs 🚨 He's Not Worthy πŸ™Œ of Your Love ❀️ for Girls Who Feel They're Wasting πŸ˜’ Their Time ⏰ ...

Are there signs he is not worthy of your love? We’ve all been there. You’re crying. You’re watching "The Notebook." You’re questioning everything about your relationship.

You can’t figure out whether you’re being paranoid or if you really are trapped in an unhealthy situation.

Here are six signs he is not worthy of your love and that you need to run for the hills!

1. He Alienates You

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One of the biggest signs he is not worthy of your love is that he alienates you. An emotionally abusive partner will keep you away from your friends and family because he doesn’t just want to be your number one, but wants to be your only one. Even more than that, your partner knows that your friends and family care about you. He knows that if he's treating you poorly, those people will tell you. He needs you to be so caught up in him that you won’t listen to anyone else who is trying to help you out.

If your partner gets upset when you have a girl’s night or constantly asks who you’re texting and why you’re texting when you’re with him, you may be in an unhealthy relationship. Especially if those friends he's trying to get you to cut off are telling you that you need to find someone who treats you better.

It’s hard to listen to someone you love be talked down on by your friends and, of course, sometimes your friends are wrong. But, most of the time, they just want what’s best for you.

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