Surefire 🔥 Signs He is Ready 👍 for a Serious Relationship 💍 ...

Looking for some signs he is ready for a serious relationship? Bern is straightforward and clear in his presentation. He is a man so we got to hear good advice for us to understand without the drama. We know how hard it is to grab a boyfriend let alone go to the next stage of being serious. But when the time is right, you will know what to do. The following will help out with some signs he is ready for a serious relationship.

Bernardo Mendez, November 12, 2015

1. Clear Pursuit

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His intentions are not a mystery. No games.

2. Professional Approach

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He is punctual. He'll take time for you as much as he would a job.

3. Unafraid to Plan

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He likes creating plans and thinking ahead. Maybe a movie or a restaurant.

4. Doesn't Play Games

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No guilt trips or immaturity.

5. He Makes You a Priority

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He is generous with his time. If he is interested, he'll find the time to connect.

6. Loves Sharing His World with You

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He's proud being seen together and introducing you.

Ladies, these days, they are either married or gay. So, if you find a keeper, hold on to him, because there is another girl right behind you wanting him too.

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