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9 Signs He Only Cares about Himself ...

By Holly

Sometimes, men care more about themselves than they care about their girlfriends. Of course, those are the types of guys that you want to stay away from. If you're not sure how to spot them, Elite Daily has you covered. Here's how to tell if he only cares about himself:

1 He Takes More Pictures of Himself than of the Two of You

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2 He Doesn’t Ask You Many Questions about Yourself


3 He Brags about How Much Experience He Has


4 He Disses All of Your Interests

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5 He’s Rude to Wait Staff

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6 He Has to Have His Bro Nights, but He Gets Mad when You Want a Girls’ Night

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7 He Talks Badly about Others

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8 He Makes You Pay on Every Date

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9 He’s Always Texting While He’s with You

person,man, Does your man seem to care more about himself than he does about you?

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