8 Signs He Wants a Relationship for Girls Unsure of His Motives ...


8 Signs He Wants a Relationship for Girls Unsure  of His Motives ...
8 Signs He Wants a Relationship for Girls Unsure  of His Motives ...

How does a girl recognize signs he wants a relationship? You’ve been on lots of dates and so you are now well versed in who’s a possibility and who’s dead in the water. You’ve finally come across a sick guy; he’s tall, handsome and clever. You’re not a hundred percent sure if he’s in for the long haul though, so you ask some girlfriends what signs guys show if they really want to be in a relationship with you. This is what they tell you:

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He’ll Go out with You Even when There’s a Big Game on

, Of course, we all know that this is a very temporary thing. No man and his sport are going to be permanently parted by a girlfriend. The point is, if he’s prepared to do it at the beginning of the relationship, he’s very into you, and he definitely wants this relationship. Should you test him? Why not? Tell him you’ve organized a surprise for the two of you but you’re not sure if he’ll come because it’s the night his team is playing. And see what he says…


When he's ready to hit pause on the game for you, that's a score in the love match. But don't think it's game over for his team loyalty just yet; it's about balance. He's just showing you his willingness to compromise because you matter. Now, if he's choosing you over the final game of the season? Let's call it a home run for your blossoming romance. But remember, it's not about keeping score; it's about appreciating these thoughtful gestures as your connection grows stronger.


He Texts You Back Immediately

girl, long hair, You know that he has a hectic job and he’s not always available during the day. Nevertheless, he never keeps you waiting to return a text message. There’s a text from him within fifteen minutes or less! That shows that he’s willing to put you even before his work … at this stage anyway. Good sign!


He Put Lots of Emoticons in His Texts

skin, nose, eyebrow, product, black hair, Women struggle to text the dentist for an appointment without adding in a few emoticons, just for good measure. When writing to girlfriends, at least four are appropriate. Guys hardly even use exclamation points, let alone emoticons. So, when he starts sending you flower emoticons, followed by hearts and blowing kisses, girl, you know you’ve landed a good one!


He Makes Space for Your Toothbrush and Gives You a Key

human hair color, girl, leg, finger, mouth, We all know the commitment-phobe who does a thorough bathroom inspection after you’ve overnighted at his home to see if you accidentally on purpose left your toothbrush. It’s a sure sign that your relationship is going nowhere in the long run. So if he makes space for your toothbrush, you know you’re onto a good thing. It’s a guy’s way of saying: I like you. I want you to stay in my life. I’m letting down my boundaries for you.


He Remembers Silly Things You Told Him

photograph, emotion, interaction, love, grass, In those first few heady dates you got all confessional in bed with him, regaling him with silly things you did in your past, like write with lipstick on an ex boyfriend’s windscreen after he broke up with you. You’ve forgotten all about what you said, but he hasn’t. He likes to tease you by recalling your silly actions. He thinks they were sweet!


He Wants to Meet Your Family

face, photograph, black and white, nose, monochrome photography, Oh boy. When he is the one who asks to meet your mom and dad, then you know This Is Serious. Normally, guys run a mile rather than get entangled in a family affair. But if he’s prepared to sit through a dinner with your dad repeating his story of how he nearly made a million on the stock exchange and your mom forcing a third helping of meatloaf on him, he’s about as serious as a guy can get.


He’s Prepared to Pet Sit for You

dog breed, dog, dalmatian, dog like mammal, snout, When you have to go out of town for work, he actually offers to pet sit your fifteen-year old cat, who has to have two injections a day and chemotherapy every other day. That’s dedication, believe me. This guy is into you.


He Tells You so

photograph, black, face, black and white, man, Nuff said. No explanation needed on this one. It's simple and up front, which is what we all want right?

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