7 Signs He Wants to Go Back to His Ex ...


7 Signs He Wants to Go Back to His Ex ...
7 Signs He Wants to Go Back to His Ex ...

If you have been dating a guy that has recently experienced a breakup, you should be aware of the signs he wants to go back to his ex. Dating a guy too soon after a breakup puts you at a big risk of being a rebound because he hasn’t had a chance to process his emotions. Guard your heart by knowing the following signs he wants to go back to his ex so you can walk away before your feelings get any stronger for him.

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Talks about the Ex

It’s always kind of uncomfortable whenever a guy’s brings up his ex in conversation. It’s not a problem when he is telling you about his past relationships or when you ask him about her, but one of the signs he wants to go back to his ex is if he is always bringing up her name at random times regardless of the conversation subject. This means that he still has her on his mind even when you are with him.


Still in Communication

After a breakup, couples usually go their separate ways. No contact is necessary because each person needs to adjust to life as a single person and not as a half of a couple. There are certain times when it’s okay that he is still in communication with his ex, like when they have kids or when they need to sell a vehicle they share. It’s definitely a warning sign if he is communicating with her through text messages or on the phone without a good reason like those I mentioned.


Freaks out over New Guy

The moment he heard about her dating someone new or having a new boyfriend, his demeanor changes. He acts jealous, sullen and upset that she has a new guy in her life. He would only act this way if he still has feelings for her and is still emotionally invested in the relationship. If he was over it, he wouldn’t be acting like a jealous ex.


He’s at Her Beck and Call

Your boyfriend seems to be his ex’s go-to guy. He comes running whenever she calls to help her out with things like a ride to work or to fix a leaky faucet. In fact, you are beginning to wonder if she is just creating excuses so that she has contact with him. Even though you protest and have told him that it bothers you, he still finds reasons to have contact with her.


Zones out with Memories

You have walked into the room to find your boyfriend with a zoned out look on his face staring at old cell phone messages from her. If he wanted to move on, he wouldn’t have texts from her on his cell. These old text messages can easily stir up sweet memories of their relationship. If he’s looking at old texts from her, it’s pretty obvious he is missing her.


Computer History

Snooping isn’t good but this is one of those times when it’s justified because you are heading for inevitable heartbreak if your suspicions of wanting his ex back are correct. So take a peek at his browsing history on his computer, tablet or cell phone. If he misses her, he’s going to be sending her e-mails or Facebook stalking her. Alarm bells should be ringing if he’s checking her Facebook page on a daily basis.


Sentimental Mementos

What is that on his dresser? If it’s a sentimental keepsake like a teddy bear from his ex, he isn’t over her. Another sign he’s hoping to get back his ex is if he has kept sentimental mementos in plain sight. It’s one thing to store keepsakes in a small box in the back of a closet but if these little sweet tokens and treasures from her are displayed throughout his place, run. The only reason to have an ex’s memento so blatantly displayed is if he wants to trigger past memories of their relationship.

It’s a waste of time to date a guy that can’t offer you his heart because his ex still has a iron hold on it. If that’s the case there is nothing you can do aside from walking away. How did you know your boyfriend wasn’t over his ex?

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I think I'm with a guy that does these things now

i started seeing this guy and we was discussing him moving in as friends and seeing where it would go from there, then all of a sudden he started becoming distant and all i could get out of him was "busy" needed to work more hours to get caught up on bills, then low and behold i seen this chics post saying she was in a relationship with the same man dated 6 weeks earler!! i flipped


wow. ! nothing that i can say, but dis is my husband exactly and we just seperated 2 days ago. sorry im very heartbroken fr 1 day but im over it as my kid is more important than that guy .Lol

what if u the one who asked about their ex and he said she's nice

Relation ships cab be such a drag...i am so done with this shir

I dated a guy who impersonated his ex calling him a "bastard" four times during the first date...I decided he needed a bit more time to get over her, nice man, just hurt.....I didn't see him for a second date, but told him why, nicely...he agreed.

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