Signs He's a Never-Dater and You Should Move on ...


Signs He's a Never-Dater and You Should Move on ...
Signs He's a Never-Dater and You Should Move on ...

If you have ever had any kind of experience with online dating and dating apps, then you will be well aware of the phenomenon of never-daters. These are guys that like to talk through services and flirt via screens, but when the time comes to actually get together or consider going to a new level, they turn out to be people who don’t follow through and don’t want to offer the same sorts of things in real life as they do in a virtual arena. To help you save some time and cut out these kinds of encounters, here are some key signs he is a never-dater!

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Always Busy

You seem to make the time to talk to him and keep him entertained when he feels like it, but whenever you are on the who tries to initiate some sort of get together or long communications, he is always busy and unable to satisfy you in that way.


Multiple Cancellations

Have you made plans to finally meet up but her keeps cancelling on you for one silly reason after another? It this happens too many times, then you need to consider how much he really cares about seeing you in the first place.



Does he give you a vague “ha-ha yeah totally” kind of response whenever you start to suggest meeting up in real life? If this is the furthest stage that any kind of meet up plan ever gets than you need to realise that he is never going to want to make the effort to actually see you.



Does he live more than a hundred miles away? It’s hardly convenient, is it? Lots of guys who just like to talk to girls online often do so with ladies who are far away from them, because they can use their distance as a way to never let the relationship go to the next level. It’s an easy excuse.


Missed Opportunities

He keeps making a big deal out of the fact that he was just nearby you but couldn’t quite find the time to come visit. This is probably a lie to begin with and is just something he is saying to make you think that he will eventually come by.


Impossible Plans

When he does suggest meeting up, it is always with plans that are essentially impossible. By saying no to these unrealistic plans, you have given him the chance to let you know later on that he isn’t the only one who is avoiding meeting up in real life.


Spotty Communication

You can sometimes go days, maybe even weeks without hearing from him. Don’t you think that somebody who was really excited about meeting up with in real life would be much more eager to talk to you every day and get to know you better?


Old Pics

Is there something about his profile pictures that seem really old and outdated? If he is using old pics of himself it means that he definitely doesn’t look like that anymore, and it probably just interested in getting his kicks online!

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