13 Alarming Signs He Could Be a Player ...

By Amber

13 Alarming Signs He Could Be a Player ...

Are you worried that you’re not going to be able to see the signs he’s a player ? That has got to be pretty frustrating. Well, worry no more! This article should give you a few of my best tricks to tell if your guy (or want-to-be-guy) is really into you, or he’s just playing with your emotions. So here are my top 7 signs he’s a player!

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He Never Calls

Most people would rather text than call nowadays, but that special someone should want to call to hear your voice! If he doesn’t call very often, that’s one of the bad signs he’s a player. If he makes excuses via text like “I’m busy” all the time, then he doesn’t really care about communication -- and communication is key. If he’s careless with that, there may be some other lady he’s not calling too.


Lack of Transparency

If he’s not clear with his intentions, then that shows that he has a lack of respect for you. Not only that, but he also doesn’t value that in you either. It doesn’t matter whether he wants to be your friend, friend with benefits, boyfriend, or date, he should always let you know what your relationship to him is. If he doesn’t, then it’s safe to assume he’s playing games that you might not want to willingly participate in.


Obvious Flirting

I believe that a little bit of flirting is healthy for a relationship. But, when he goes overboard, and it borders on glaring, it becomes a pretty big problem. He should be courteous enough to keep it within boundaries and not upset you in the process. If he gets defensive or angry, then he obviously doesn’t care about you or your feelings to consider the reason you were mad in the first place.


When it comes to relationships, it's important to be aware of the signs that a man could be a player. One of the most obvious signs is if he is overly flirtatious. Flirting can be a healthy part of a relationship, but when it becomes excessive and borders on glaring, it can be a problem. If a man is constantly flirting with other women, even when you are present, it could be a sign that he is not taking the relationship seriously.

In addition to being overly flirtatious, a player may also be overly charming and complimentary. He may also give you lavish gifts and compliments that seem too good to be true. These can be signs that he is trying to manipulate you into staying in the relationship.

Another sign of a player is if he is constantly trying to push the boundaries. He may be trying to get physical with you before you are ready or he may be pressuring you to do things that make you uncomfortable. A player may also be dismissive of your feelings and get defensive or angry when you try to talk about your concerns.



Does he like showing affection in public? I’m not talking about the making out kind, but the kind where he holds your hand, or gives you a peck on the check. If he doesn’t want people to see you guys together that way, chances are, he has been or might be doing the same thing with someone else.


Any Pictures Together ?

Are there pictures of you two on Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? If he refuses to put up pictures on social websites while you are constantly uploading the cutest pic, it shows that you guys have a different view of your relationship. He might think it’s a casual thing, while you’ve put your heart out there. He might even be brushing off your relationship altogether!

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Lots of Female Friends

If he’s popular with the ladies, he’s probably handsome, charming, and he knows it. He may use this to become friends with the ladies, and maybe something more. Who knows if he is truthful about what he does with those friends.


Words and No Action

He always knows the right thing to say, even when the problem you guys might be having is him ! If he always knows what to say in order to get you to forgive him, he may in fact be playing you. He knows what you want to hear and is using that to his advantage! So, if he says sweet nothings, and doesn't follow through, chances are, they are just words that make him look good.


Doesn't Try to Understand You

When you are dating a guy, should he want to know something about you? Shouldn't he try to understand your moods, your thoughts, how you feel and what makes you tick? If that isn't the case with this guy, not only is he treating you like crap, but he could be a player!


He Poses as Single on Dating Websites

How about this one girls, have you ever run up against something like this? The guy that you are seeing -- you may have met through online (which is nothing to sneeze at, I met Lyndsie online!) but a few months later and after more than a few dates -- you happen to run across his profile as still single? How horrible is that?


His Facebook is Hidden from You

Ah, the old Facebook trick -- it's hidden from you. Are you able to post on his wall? What about any posts that he has on his wall ... can you see them? Trust, if you can't, he probably has his reasons!


Constant Text Messages from Other Girls

While he might get text messages from other people, are a lot of them girls? Do you get to see any of them? That could be one of the signs that he is playing with you!


Always Busy

While you don't need to be with him all of the time, do you constantly find that he is busy? Do you think that he is busy dating other people? Talk to him about it and see what he's doing when he's busy -- that way you can put your mind at ease!


Not Parent Material

Finally, there are some guys that just aren't parent material, they have that bad boy quality in them and typically, they don't care about meeting your parents either. If your guy isn't into meeting your parents at all -- it could be a sign that he's just toying with you!

Ladies, you always have to be careful when it seems like your guy might be playing childish games with you. You have to decide if you want to go down that route, or leave it alone altogether. Either way, I hope these signs he’s a player will help you decipher him, and what the next step will be in your relationship. What signs tell you that he’s a player?

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the guy in that pic is AMAZING


I wish I have come across this article earlier. Met a guy and been dating for 2 months, he never calls as he said he prefer to text, one day I ask him to call me, he was like he can't find my number. WTF?! He seemed to be a nice charming guy, and he gave all really nice dates(all paid by him for whatever we do), but my doubts keep growing as so many things doesn't make sense and add up. Finally bring up the relationship talk 1.5 months into the dating scheme, and he starting to back out. Thought I'd give him sometime as some guys do get a bit pressured after the talk. Then finally 2 weeks later after the R talk, I asked him to give me a clear indication of what we are and he said let's apart. He started tearing up as he speak. I watch as he put up this 'I'm sorry it just didn't work out' show. Feeling disgusted about the whole thing now, but yet, this article is listing all the red flags should be aware of.

I need some advice. I fully admit I can get jealous of him having female friends, but he does have a lot of them. If I say anything he tells me I don't trust him. I know he has had one female friend over to his place, but won't admit it to me. He gets so angry and defensive, yet he says its because I bring it up so much.

@Michelle Marrero, what up

Hey people, I really need advice..it's been about a month that I started hanging out with this guy and well a couple of weeks ago it just became normal for us to cuddle,I've started to really like him and he's already tried to kiss me twice but he hasn't asked me out,he told my best friend he was going to do it a couple of weeks ago but he wasn't sure if I had "friend zoned" him,what do I do? Is he just flirting arround?..

Some guys R all about the friendly sweet talk for a lil bit then boom when they feel they have your trust, they start with the stupid sex talk & just give themselves away by gettn upset when you don't reply with what they want ...jerks.

Since I haven't dated yet I have come across many men who were players. One guy that I never thought would talk to me showed interest, but never told me he was in arelationship especially when we were communicating a bit back and forth.

Well this is 100% the guy I'm dating