2. He Won't Make Time for You

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If he's full of excuses as to why he can't see you today (or ever) it's because he doesn't see you as a priority. You know you should be at the very top of his list...but he begs to differ.

If he's supposed to be your boyfriend and you haven't seen him for a reasonably long time (even a couple of weeks is still too long and not ideal) it's definitely something you need to confront him about.

If he shuts down the conversation and makes communication very difficult, it's time to find someone else who wants to see you each and every day that passes!

He Lies and Deceives You


I love my bf but I lately found out he's cheated on me like over five times with multiple girls by sending stuff and did stuff in a bathroom once. I wanna be with him cuz I can't imagine being without...
You must decide "your worth" and never settle for anything less. Never compromise your beliefs, your safety, or your goals for anyone. You deserve the best person for you and accept nothing less. You are worth it to many other people.
What if it's your husband
Melissa Sciolla
You have to sometimes go through all these things 2 realize what u want and what u deserve. Either he will change for the better or u move on and don't give up on love ☺
I always felt and still feel that when love exists nothing else matter...i mean people in love wants their S.O. to be happy so eventually they adjust and fix themselves up for the other person... plea...
Gen NI
My BF isn't like any of this I guess I'm fortunate he's a wonderful man
peony blue
There is always someone for someone so true
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