5. Communication is Extremely Hard

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Sometimes guys don't want to communicate and I think that's also true for women. You may be going through a rough patch in your life and prefer to keep to yourself for while and so might he.

But it's a different matter altogether when he won't talk or open up to you at all.

This may be because he doesn't trust you or see you as a 'safe' place (which he should since relationships are always a two way street).

If you can't get through to him about something as simple as how his day was or as important as if he wants to move in, it's time to re-assess the situation and realise that this shouldn't be happening.

You Can't Agree on Anything


What if it's your husband
Melissa Sciolla
You have to sometimes go through all these things 2 realize what u want and what u deserve. Either he will change for the better or u move on and don't give up on love ☺
I always felt and still feel that when love exists nothing else matter...i mean people in love wants their S.O. to be happy so eventually they adjust and fix themselves up for the other person... plea...
Gen NI
My BF isn't like any of this I guess I'm fortunate he's a wonderful man
peony blue
There is always someone for someone so true
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