5 Signs πŸš₯ He's Too Shy 😳 to Make the First Move 😘 (so Maybe You Should πŸ’‹ !) ...

Are you looking for signs he's too shy to make the first move?

Thanks to old school values and the kinds of relationships we see on TV and in the movies, we have been conditioned to believe and feel that the only way a romantic connection can be made and developed is if the guy makes the first move. This might have been the way back in the day, but with ever growing equality, it’s open season on letting your feelings be known! And then, what about those guys who you like, but are just too shy to make a move? Here are some key signs he's too shy to make the first move that tell you how he feels and why YOU should make the first move.

1. He Starts Random Conversations

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Is he constantly messaging you to start random conversation threads out of nowhere? This is a clear sign that he just wants to interact and spend more time with you, probably in the hope that you are going to get the message without him having to put himself right out there and be vulnerable. He’s checking up on you because he’s always thinking about you! This is one of the top signs he's too shy to make the first move.

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