7 Signs His Personality is Toxic for You ...

By Holly

If you want to be happy, you shouldn't date a pessimist. Your Tango has proved that. Here are a few signs that their website claims are toxic for any relationship:

Table of contents:

  1. he is a victim of his circumstances
  2. he can only see things in black and white
  3. he can't see the positive in anything
  4. he gets overwhelmed even with simple tasks
  5. he lives in uncertainty
  6. he's ruled by fear
  7. he doesn't remember being happy

1 He is a Victim of His Circumstances

Does he always play the victim? Does he refuse to take responsibility for his actions? Then he's unhealthy to be around.

2 He Can Only See Things in Black and White

You can't view everything as "right" or "wrong," or "good" and "evil." There's a lot of grey area. If he can't see that, his perspective needs to change.

3 He Can't See the Positive in Anything

His pessimism will rub off on you. If he's unhappy, even after he gets a promotion, then he doesn't know how to enjoy life.

4 He Gets Overwhelmed Even with Simple Tasks

It's not that difficult to put gas in his car. If he won't go to the gas station without whining and complaining, he's not right for you.

5 He Lives in Uncertainty

You don't want to be with a man who changes his mind constantly. That means he'll eventually change his mind about you.

6 He's Ruled by Fear

Yes, life is scary. However, he can't let his fear of failure hold him back in life. If it does, he'll never get anywhere.

7 He Doesn't Remember Being Happy

If he doesn't know what it's like to be happy, he must not be happy with you. You two deserve better, so find someone who appreciates having you around.

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