3. He Can't See the Positive in Anything

He Can't See the Positive in Anything

His pessimism will rub off on you. If he's unhappy, even after he gets a promotion, then he doesn't know how to enjoy life.

He Gets Overwhelmed Even with Simple Tasks


The fact that my baby Chris brown is in the first pic 😐
Pinkz Marquillero
I'm confuse with this! ahahaha!
If you'll end up feeling like this yourself, it is very important your boy or girlfriend doesn't run of because of it. I know it is hard but if you love someone you'll do anything for them, isn't it?
This sounds like your guy has anxiety/ depression :(
These sound like classic signs and symptoms of clinical depression. Please see a healthcare provider for help. I've dealt with it for nineteen years, and at it's best, it's a bitch to deal with, at it's worst, one may become suicidal.
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