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7 Signs It's Time to Get out of a Roller Coaster Relationship ...

By Merarri

A roller coaster relationship is often a wild fusion of fierce chemistry, an irrational desire to be together and frequent breakups. Unlike normal relationships that remain emotionally steady even though they have highs and lows, a roller coaster relationship repeatedly plummets in a sudden downward spiral leaving heartbreak in its wake. Below I’m going to share the 7 signs that indicate its time to get out of a roller coaster relationship once and for all.

1 Partner is Abusive

Heated arguments typically occur in a roller coaster relationship. Since the nature of these relationships quite often is emotionally volatile, things can easily get out of hand. Even so, it doesn’t give anyone the right to physically or emotionally abuse you. Walk at the first sign of abuse.

2 Loving Feelings Are History

Ask yourself if you are deeply in love with each other, or you are just used to being together. Many roller coaster couples are together purely because they are comfortable with their relationship even if it may be dysfunctional. You might be using each other as a security blanket if you find that you can’t walk away, even though you don’t love him. Many times romantic feelings can change into platonic ones with constant makeups and breakups.

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3 Partner Makes Little to Zero Effort

Roller coaster relationships are salvageable and can become healthy but just like any other relationship, both people have to want to make it work. If your partner doesn’t make any effort to improve things, you can’t save it alone. Watch for signs that your partner has stopped caring and is looking for the exit door for the final time. You may notice things like them withholding affection, is emotionally cold or doesn’t care about resolving problems in the relationship.

4 You Are Always Waiting

After a relationship reconciliation, things may be fragile between the two of you for awhile. But if you feel like you are always waiting for things to worsen or for the next breakup, you are in the wrong relationship. No one should feel like they are walking on eggshells. You deserve to be with someone that allows you to be comfortable enough so that you don’t feel like a breakup is always looming on the horizon.

5 Different Life Goals

All of us have unique goals that we want to achieve. It’s a major warning sign when your partner has a completely different life map than you and isn’t budging. It could be something like you live in the United States and she’s happy living in Ireland. If you can’t find a compromise that makes both of you happy - it’s a waste of time to stay.

6 You Can’t Move on

You can’t get over the things your partner has done to hurt you. If the relationship is to survive, its essential that both of you move forward once problems have been resolved. Your relationship becomes toxic when events from the past relationship bleed into your current relationship. It’s better to move on to someone new than to be stuck in the past.

7 You Just Aren’t Happy

You aren’t happy being with your partner anymore. It might be for many reasons like you have drifted apart, past problems keep sneaking up or your feelings are changing. Regardless of the reason, you find that this person isn’t adding to your happiness or enjoyment in life. Pay attention to the feelings because its your heart’s way of trying to help you find the right person.

Those are just a few of the signs that indicate you shouldn’t get on for another ride in a roller coaster relationship. So do you have other signs to share that made you feel it was time to leave the relationship for good?

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