5. He Just Calls at Bedtime

You havenโ€™t heard anything from him all day. You may have even called or texted, without any return call or text. You decide itโ€™s time to turn in, and get ready to tuck yourself into bed and call it a day, ready to dive into your novel or watch some reruns. Finally, you get a text - wanna hang out? If this is a common scene with your guy, he sees you as a friend with benefits. Time to stop providing benefits.

Your Cat Puts in More Effort than Your Boyfriend


Leahorka: He doesn't like you. Move on.
Well it doesn't completely. It just hurts and I don't want to feel like this anymore. I still like him though. Thank you so much for these words, everyone keeps telling me move on. It's really nice what you wrote! I wish you the best Baydide Lass!
Totally true!
Bayside Lass
Great article! If this fits the man that you are seeing- kick him to the curb! It's not worth the tears and heartache. You deserve better and there are plenty of amazing men out there. Life is too sho...
Thanks a lot! I need that right now. Every single one fits to him
So true !
Sounds like my last relationship ๐Ÿ˜‚ these men aren't ready to settle..move on you'll be much happier
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