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Signs It's Time to Walk Away from Your Relationship ...

By Mariane

Sometimes there are some signs it's time to walk away from your relationship. Leaving a relationship – whether it’s friendship or romantic – is never easy and sometimes it’s really difficult to know whether it’s simply time to close the book or whether it’s time to push through because the next chapter might just be what you’re looking for. Here are some definite signs it's time to end your relationship.

1 You’re Simply Exhausted

student, conversation, communication, professional, girl, Whether it’s emotionally, physically or mentally worn out, being exhausted constantly is just not right. All relationships take work but if your making you feel drained and exhausted it’s simply not healthy and is a red flag among the signs it's time to walk away from your relationship.

2 You Just Don’t Care

girl, You may be bailing on plans, you may be delaying message responses, you may be sick of seeing their name pop up on your phone or you may just not feel like making any effort anymore. This lack of caring usually starts subtle and then builds, but all of these subtleties show that your motivation has flaked and that you have simply stopped caring.

3 You’ve Lost Respect

shoulder, standing, outerwear, t shirt, gentleman, Losing respect for someone can also start subtly and then build, or it can happen all at once through one action of theirs. The reality is that once this has happened, building up respect again will be extremely difficult and will require change on their part, and that is something you will never be guaranteed of.

4 You’re Walking on Egg Shells

photograph, black, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, If you’re constantly scared of making a mistake, second-guessing yourself or you feel as though the other person is just waiting for you to make a mistake so that they can point it out, you need to realize that that’s just utterly toxic. Being cautious and not wanting to disappoint someone is one thing, but this constant state of anxiety is just very unhealthy.

5 You Feel like It’s One Sided

photograph, black and white, beauty, monochrome photography, photography, Nobody should ever make you feel as if you should be putting in more effort than they are and you should never accept this. Every relationship is a two way street and effort should flow both ways. If someone is not doing their side, it’s just not fair.

6 You’re Just Bored

photograph, black, person, black and white, monochrome photography, Similarly to just not caring anymore, being bored can sometimes build up very slowly: not feeling challenged, doing the same things over and over, having the same conversations every day, etc. All relationships go through ruts, but it takes effort to get out of those and if you find yourself in a rut more often than not; it’s probably how it will always be.

7 You’re Looking for Reasons

eyewear, human hair color, girl, vision care, glasses, You opened this post for a reason so there’s already someone this made you think about. You need to accept that sometimes there doesn’t need to be big blow-out for a relationship to end, sometimes the mere desire to leave or desire for change is enough. Trusting your own feelings is important.

You’ll probably be able to relate to many of these signs if you are in a story you don’t belong in anymore and sometimes these signs pop up in good stories too, but the reality is that none of these signs should consistently be presenting in any relationship and if they are…move to the next thing.

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