7 Signs of You Are Having an Emotional Affair ...


There are a lot of warning signs you are having an emotional affair that you might not even know about! An emotional affair is still cheating, but it is cheating that you might not know anything about. If you are looking for some of the warning signs you are having an emotional affair right now, you've got to take a look below. Girls and guys, this is important stuff and it could actually change your entire relationship.

1. You Share Your Frustration about Your Partner

Now, it's okay to vent. When you are having lunch with your friends and you are talking about how much you hate what your partner does in this instant or that or you are just talking about a fight or a disagreement that you had – that's fine! When you are looking for warning signs you are having an emotional affair, these vents are personal, you are venting to someone that you either are super close with or someone that you just met … but have a small attraction to. The vents are about everything in your relationship, including the inner workings.



@Ryan, if its not too late to give you advice, run like the wind. I've learned these married ones are all about themselves and don't care one bit if they use or hurt you. Think this too, is this how y...
Ladies, I need your advice, please. I Had An Affair With A Married Woman Briefly, I had a 3-month affair with a married woman who has a complicated life, to say the least. While it is no excuse for ...
Neecey Beresford
@Brightaz, time to move on to someone who will respect you by being faithful. If he's still not changed despite his protestations he probably never will. Do yourself a favor - you deserve better.
My man that I love deeply he doesn\'t really have those signs but he is emotional and sexually cheating through text ,was app and his phone ...what should I do try to believe he\'ll change like he say...
Awww ssshhhhiiiitttt!
Anna Byrne
Dammit 😖
I think im having an imotional afair🙀
Surprise! Surprise! O.O just what i needed to know. Sigh.
Oh god I\'m having an emotional affair😖😥
I would add a warning about hiding your contact with this person from your partner. Texts, emails, phone calls, chat. If you are at all uncomfortable with your partner knowing the content or extent of your contact with this person, you are in dangerous water.
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