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The Only 3 Signs You Need to Tell You It's Definitely Time to Break up ...

By Sici

When you are in a relationship, it can be very easy to overlook glaring problems in favour of not rocking the boat. But there are some signs that tell you it’s definitely time to break up.

Many women (and men) tend to stay in bad relationships way past their sell by date simply because the thought of being single or of having to start all over again is just too much to handle. However, we all know deep down inside that spending time in a relationship that isn’t going to progress in a positive way is just a waste of time for both parties. In order to save yourself some stress and complicated heartbreak further down the road, here are three glaring signs that tell you it’s definitely time to break up.

1 Your Heart Just Knows

The most obvious of these signs that tell you it’s definitely time to break up is that you just know. It’s hard to explain this one in real or scientific terms, but we all know how it feels when we are doing something that our hearts are just telling us is completely wrong. You can’t force yourself to be in love with somebody. It’s a magical thing that happens completely naturally. If your heart simply isn’t responding to this person in the way that you want it to or are hoping it will, then you have no choice but to listen to it and respond accordingly. Your heart needs to be on board for you to be happy, and that relates to anything in your life, not just your relationships!

2 Miserable More than Happy

Everybody has ups and downs in a relationship. That’s completely normal and human, but if you are finding that you are miserable much more often than you are happy and content, then something really needs to be done about it. If you and your partner are fighting more than you are loving, arguing more than you are agreeing and shouting more than you are talking, then there isn’t much hope that things are going to turn around for you as a couple. Pushing each other’s buttons constantly is no way to live a calm and happy life, and I recommend that you remove yourself from the situation and find somebody who can provide you that content, calm and happy lifestyle.

3 Differing Core Values

A long-term relationship can only work and flourish if you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to many of the core values such as marriage, having children, work, travel, even religion if that is an important part of your life. If you have wanted children since you were old enough to consider it, but your partner is avidly against becoming a parent, then where do you think you can go from there? When it comes to something as time sensitive as becoming a mother, do you really want to waste some of your best years with a person who doesn’t want to give you the one thing you want more than anything? There are plenty of other people out there who want exactly the same thing as you do, you just have to find them.

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