7 Signs That Your Man Will Treat You Right in Bed ...


7 Signs That Your Man Will Treat You Right in Bed ...
7 Signs That Your Man Will Treat You Right in Bed ...

Some men are much better in bed than others. Cosmopolitan knows how to tell the difference. If the following things are true, then he's definitely going to treat you right in bed:

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He's Stocked for Lady Company

He's Stocked for Lady Company Does he have a lot of pads and tampons at his place? Then he knows what you need, even outside of the bedroom.


If your guy has thoughtfully picked out a variety of feminine hygiene products, it suggests he's considerate about your comfort and well-being. This kind of attentiveness extends beyond the bathroom cabinet—it's likely to translate into a sensitive and tuned-in partner under the sheets. He’s willing to go the extra mile to ensure you feel at ease and supported, no matter the time of the month.


He Doesn't Need to Brag about or Talk up His Sexual Prowess​

He Doesn't Need to Brag about or Talk up His Sexual Prowess​ He's so good in bed that he doesn't feel the need to brag.


He Doesn't Rush

He Doesn't Rush He shouldn't rush through traffic or rush in the bedroom.


Understanding the rhythm and pacing that works for both of you is vital. When a man is attuned to your needs and desires, he ensures that there’s no pressure to speed things up before you're ready. He savors each moment, showing appreciation for your presence and connection. His patience suggests he values quality over quantity and is more focused on the journey than the destination. This attentiveness and lack of hurry in your most intimate moments signifies a deep respect for your comfort and pleasure.


He's Not Ashamed of His Body

He's Not Ashamed of His Body We all like a man with confidence.


A guy who embraces his physical form, imperfections and all, shows true self-esteem—and that's hot! This confidence isn't just about strutting his stuff; it's about being comfortable in the moment with you. Whether he's got a six-pack or a little extra cushion, his self-assured attitude means he's focused on pleasure and connection, rather than getting hung up on any insecurities. That level of comfort translates to a more attentive and relaxed partner who's all about celebrating both of your bodies in their natural, beautiful state.


Women Brag about Him

Women Brag about Him Have you heard great things about him from other women? That's a great sign.


He's Vocally Expressive

He's Vocally Expressive Does he use more than his body to turn you on? If he also uses his words, you have a winner.


A man who is vocally expressive understands that communication is a two-way street. He's not shy to let you know what he likes and even asks what pleases you. This type of openness creates a deep connection and ensures both partners are satisfied. His words become an intimate dance that guides you, making the experience more than just a physical act. It's a complete sensory encounter, resonating with every whisper, moan, and breath, confirming his dedication to your mutual pleasure.


He Has Good Control over His Body

He Has Good Control over His Body If he knows how to use his body, you're going to get a lot of pleasure out of that body.

Is your man great in bed?

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I really don't get the Tampons and pads part, like seriously show me a man that does that? Stop misleading us

Tampons and pads? Seriously? Leftover from his string of women no doubt. And other women brag about him? WTF? Who wants an alley cat as a boyfriend?

LOL if a man had pads and tampons at his house I'd question more than his performance in the sack. Thumbs down.

Literally wtf

Yes... HE IS!!! Doesn't have tampons or pads though...

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