5. Are You Still in Love?

There is a difference between fierce in love feelings and lukewarm feelings when it comes to relationships. If you are crazy in love with each other even though there are problems, chances are both of you will want to save the relationship. But if those feelings are missing, its likely that one of you will start looking for the exit door of the relationship. If the feelings arenโ€™t there, you canโ€™t force them. Once you admit to yourself that you arenโ€™t in love with him, it's time to hand him his walking papers.

The Reality of Relationship Problems


akanksha singh
I too am in a long distance relationship....n dis rlly helped.
I totally agree with this! Two thumbs up!
So true.
I'm having long distance relationship, these signs could be count for that?? Thank you
Nanae Yoshiwara
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