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7 Signs That's He's Just That into You ...

By Ali

Ah love...such a complex game of emotions. How do you know if he's really in to you? Well, you can never be a 100% sure but Ali's list will definitely make it easier to interpret his behavior. Thanks Ali!

It’s hard to know before a relationship starts, how a person really feels about you. Is this a sign? Am I reading too much into this? Sure there’s probably more than 7 ways to know whether or not a guy is into you, but based on personal experience, I can definitely endorse these seven.

1 He’ll Send You Music or Books

They say courting is a lost art form and yet, guys who are truly into you, will show it by sending you music or books. In fact, my ex is the person who introduced me to one of my favorite books, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. These days, you’re more likely to receive an email with a link to Youtube or Amazon. Either way, you know that he’s thinking of you and that’s always a good sign.

2 He’ll Talk to You about Anything and Nothing

Feeling the need to just shoot the sh*t or talk is not something guys do with girls they don’t care about. If your gchat is filled with conversations from a certain someone, don’t be surprised if that someone turns into someone important. ;)

3 He’ll Play Third Wheel if You’re out with a Girlfriend

A real keeper won’t mind getting to know your girlfriends. In fact, he’ll want to know what your friends are like because he’s truly interested in getting to know you better. Before admitting I was interested in my ex, I would invite him to hang out with my girlfriends and I, pretending of course, that we were platonic friends. Looking back, I guess I was testing him and it worked. He passed.

4 He’ll Tell His Friends about You

If his friends know who you are, and I mean really know who you are and not just the cordial, «I’ve heard so much about you,» then you know you’re in. Guys don’t talk about girls casually with their guy friends. My ex’s friends knew that I was a teacher when I met them, and not because I had told them.

5 He’ll Ditch His Friends for You

The first time my ex and I went home together, we were at his friend’s birthday party. I told him I was going home and that he should come with me. I didn’t know it at the time, but he was supposed to DJ the party. It seems cold to ditch your friends, but he knew they’d understand, «he had to go see about a girl» Oh, Good Will Hunting.

6 He’ll Call You at the End of a Bad Day

If a guy calls you after a hard day, it’s not because he wants to talk about it. Rather, he’s looking to blow off steam and you’re the first person who came to mind. And it’s telling, the people we look to when upset.

7 He Finds Your Quirks Loveable

Once my ex came over and told me there something was wrong with my face. Obviously, I got offended and told him, he was being mean. «No really, what’s wrong with it?» he asked as he reached over and plucked a small piece of toilet paper from my forehead, a mini-Japanese flag. Earlier I used a piece of toilet paper to stop a popped pimple from bleeding and had forgotten about it. Humiliated, I buried my face in my hands and doubled over into the fetal position. Luckily, he saw the whole thing as endearing. We started dating shortly thereafter.

My ex and I may be broken up now and pursuing different paths in life, nevertheless, our relationship taught me many things, one being, how to know if a guy truly cares. Simply, a guy will overlook the little stuff if he’s THAT into you. So don’t overanalyze the little stuff because I assure you he’s not.

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