7 Signs That's He's Just That into You ...


7 Signs That's He's Just That into You ...
7 Signs That's He's Just That into You ...

Ah love...such a complex game of emotions. How do you know if he's really in to you? Well, you can never be a 100% sure but Ali's list will definitely make it easier to interpret his behavior. Thanks Ali!

It’s hard to know before a relationship starts, how a person really feels about you. Is this a sign? Am I reading too much into this? Sure there’s probably more than 7 ways to know whether or not a guy is into you, but based on personal experience, I can definitely endorse these seven.

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He’ll Send You Music or Books

They say courting is a lost art form and yet, guys who are truly into you, will show it by sending you music or books. In fact, my ex is the person who introduced me to one of my favorite books, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. These days, you’re more likely to receive an email with a link to Youtube or Amazon. Either way, you know that he’s thinking of you and that’s always a good sign.


When a guy is into you, he’ll make an effort to find out what you’re interested in and will send you things that he thinks you’ll like. It could be music, books, or links to other websites. This is a great way to show that he’s interested in getting to know you better.

It’s also a sign that he’s paying attention to what you’re saying and that he cares about your interests. It’s an even better sign if he sends you something that’s related to something you’ve said or shared with him.

Sending music and books is a great way to show that he’s interested in you and wants to get to know you better. It also shows that he’s thinking about you and wants to make a connection.

It’s also a good sign if he’s willing to share his own interests with you. If he sends you a link to a band he likes or a book he’s read, it shows that he’s comfortable enough to share his own interests with you.


He’ll Talk to You about Anything and Nothing

Feeling the need to just shoot the sh*t or talk is not something guys do with girls they don’t care about. If your gchat is filled with conversations from a certain someone, don’t be surprised if that someone turns into someone important. ;)


If your guy is always initiating conversation with you, it's a good sign he's into you. Whether it's through text, GChat, or in person, if he's talking to you about anything and nothing, it's likely he's just that into you. He may even be willing to talk to you about topics that he normally wouldn't discuss with other people.

It's also a good sign if he's willing to talk with you for extended periods of time. If he's willing to stay up late talking with you, it's a sign that he's interested in you and wants to get to know you better. If he's always responding to your messages and initiating conversations, it's likely that he's interested in you and wants to spend more time with you.

Another sign he's into you is if he's willing to give you advice. Whether it's about work, relationships, or anything else, if he's always willing to give you his opinion, it's a sign that he cares about you and wants the best for you.

Frequently asked questions

If a guy is really into you, he'll make consistent efforts to see you, listen to you, and show that he cares about what's happening in your life. He will also make plans for the future that include you and won't hesitate to express his feelings towards you.

Signs he might not be that into you include not making time for you, being inconsistent with communication, not introducing you to friends or family, and not making an effort to move the relationship forward. If he seems disinterested or distant, he may not be as invested in the relationship as you are.

Frequent texting can be a sign that he's into you, especially if he initiates conversations and responds quickly. However, it's important to look at the quality of your interactions and whether he's engaging with you in meaningful ways beyond just texting.

If he's really interested, he will not only enjoy the dates but also be proactive in arranging future dates. He'll often share personal stories, ask about your life, and be fully present without distractions. His body language during the dates will show his interest, like maintaining eye contact, leaning in when talking, and touching you affectionately.

Yes, his behavior around his friends can be telling. If he's into you, he might bring you into his social circle, speak highly of you, and want you to feel comfortable with his friends. He may also show public signs of affection and look to see your reactions during group interactions.


He’ll Play Third Wheel if You’re out with a Girlfriend

A real keeper won’t mind getting to know your girlfriends. In fact, he’ll want to know what your friends are like because he’s truly interested in getting to know you better. Before admitting I was interested in my ex, I would invite him to hang out with my girlfriends and I, pretending of course, that we were platonic friends. Looking back, I guess I was testing him and it worked. He passed.


Actually, a guy who doesn't hesitate to tag along on a girls' night is showing his investment in your world. While other men might shy away from the chatter and camaraderie unique to your circle of friends, he's there, contributing to the conversation or happy to simply listen, appreciating the different facets of your personality that come out with your friends. This insight gives him a holistic understanding of who you are, which is invaluable for a deep and lasting connection.


He’ll Tell His Friends about You

If his friends know who you are, and I mean really know who you are and not just the cordial, «I’ve heard so much about you,» then you know you’re in. Guys don’t talk about girls casually with their guy friends. My ex’s friends knew that I was a teacher when I met them, and not because I had told them.


If a guy is really into you, he'll tell his friends about you. This is a sign that he's serious about the relationship. It's not just a casual thing for him. He'll want to share details about you and your relationship with his friends. He'll want them to get to know you better and understand why you're important to him. It's a sign of respect and admiration when he takes the time to talk about you and your relationship with his friends. It's a sign that he's proud of you and wants to show you off.


He’ll Ditch His Friends for You

The first time my ex and I went home together, we were at his friend’s birthday party. I told him I was going home and that he should come with me. I didn’t know it at the time, but he was supposed to DJ the party. It seems cold to ditch your friends, but he knew they’d understand, «he had to go see about a girl» Oh, Good Will Hunting.


This text is an example of how far a man can go for the woman he loves. It shows that if a man is truly into you, he'll be willing to make sacrifices and put your needs before those of his friends. In this case, the man was willing to leave a party he was supposed to DJ in order to be with his girlfriend. This kind of commitment and dedication is a sign that he is serious about the relationship and that he is willing to go the extra mile for you.


He’ll Call You at the End of a Bad Day

If a guy calls you after a hard day, it’s not because he wants to talk about it. Rather, he’s looking to blow off steam and you’re the first person who came to mind. And it’s telling, the people we look to when upset.


When he chooses to dial your number, it's a testament to the trust and comfort he places in your presence—even if it's just through the phone. The fact that you are his refuge during those tumultuous moments speaks volumes about where you stand in his life. It's not simply seeking solace; it's about him implicitly signaling that your voice, your listening ear, and your shared laughs have become a pillar of support in his world. That kind of emotional intimacy is a clear sign he values you deeply.


He Finds Your Quirks Loveable

Once my ex came over and told me there something was wrong with my face. Obviously, I got offended and told him, he was being mean. «No really, what’s wrong with it?» he asked as he reached over and plucked a small piece of toilet paper from my forehead, a mini-Japanese flag. Earlier I used a piece of toilet paper to stop a popped pimple from bleeding and had forgotten about it. Humiliated, I buried my face in my hands and doubled over into the fetal position. Luckily, he saw the whole thing as endearing. We started dating shortly thereafter.

My ex and I may be broken up now and pursuing different paths in life, nevertheless, our relationship taught me many things, one being, how to know if a guy truly cares. Simply, a guy will overlook the little stuff if he’s THAT into you. So don’t overanalyze the little stuff because I assure you he’s not.


The text above provides an example of how a guy can show his love and care for a girl in a unique and endearing way. It shows that even when a girl makes a mistake, a guy who truly cares will still love her and overlook the little things.

This example is one of the seven signs that a guy is just that into you. Other signs include being attentive to your needs, going out of his way to make you happy, being willing to compromise, making an effort to stay in touch, being open and honest, and making plans for the future.

When a guy is truly into you, he will be willing to do whatever it takes to make you feel loved and appreciated. He will listen to you, pay attention to the things you say, and make an effort to understand you. He will also be willing to compromise and work together to solve any issues that arise.

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Well...a guy i liked admitted he liked me but decided to give up on me and says that out relationship will be strictly platonic. But the problem is, he still is acting the same as he did when he liked me and sometimes even more to the point where everyone around me assumes we're together. Would anyone please help me? I still like him and I'm trying my best to move on but he's making it so hard for me i'm confused because he says he's over me (which hurts so much) but he's still leading me on. Am I overanalyzing everything or does he still have interest?

If guy always huge you and touch you all the time and once he look at me in the eye and say you have really really beautiful eyes. I really love this guy but i dont know does he love me or it's just a friendly. I actually dont know him very well please help and let me know your opinions and what I have to do????

If he's hurt you then it's his job to earn back your trust and prove he's worthy of your company. Don't just give him a pass but hear him out and if seems like he's genuine then take it with a grain of salt and see where it goes. Best of luck hun.

Anyone feel like offering up some advice? This guy and I have been talking for months (7) and more and more recently he has begun to act like we are together when he has assured me we are friends. He's told me he wants more. He texts me all the time-wants to know how my day is-what am I up to-plans-etc. Does he really wanna be with me or is he just yanking me around??

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