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Signs There's a Good Chance Your Relationship is Going to Last ...

By Sici

When you are young and carefree, you don’t give much thought to the future of your romantic life, you just take things as they come and enjoy partners at the moment. But it would be fair to say that once you reach a certain age, you start to be more discerning about who you take chances on because you might not want to accept it, but you won’t be young forever and that biological clock starts tick tick ticking! To help you make good decisions, here are some signs there’s a chance your relationship is going to last.

1 Communication

You find it completely effortless to communicate with one another. You are happy to sit and listen to your partner express their feelings, and equally happy to voice your own emotions and thoughts in response. This kind of mature behaviour is a sign that the two of you are completely in sync and don’t have to worry about upsetting someone with a thought or an opinion.

2 Intimacy

You are becoming more and more intimate as each day goes by, and I’m not talking about sex. You are completely comfortable in each other’s presence and it getting to a point where the person is not only your lover but your best friend who you are happy to share everything with.

3 Synergy

You have almost an unspoken connection that allows you to conduct full conversations without even saying a word. This kind of energy and connection is rare, rarer than you might expect. So when you can predict the actions and needs of your partner before they have even done anything, that’s when you know that this thing is built to last.

4 Trust

There is an unbreakable trust between the two of you, so much so that you don’t even have to question anything anymore. Having to constantly remind yourself that you trust someone isn’t a sign that you do, it’s a sign that you want to. Instead, if you truly trust somebody, the thought that you might not never even crosses your mind.

5 Mutual Problem Solving

No matter what kind of problem you come across, you come together to mutually solve it without even thinking about it. Couples that aren’t right for each other will often shirk this kind of responsibility if it doesn’t directly affect them, but if you are matched up with ‘the one’, then they will regard any problem that you have as a problem that they have, and vice versa.

6 Unwavering Support

As human beings, we aren’t perfect, and sometimes we might need support over a situation that we know we are not necessarily in the right about. Rather than taking a high moral stance, your one true boo will stand by your side no matter what, because they will recognise that even though you might not be correct, you still need emotional support to guide you through a mess.

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