Signs to Look for That Say You're in Love with Your Best Friend ...


Signs to Look for That Say You're in Love with Your Best Friend  ...
Signs to Look for That Say You're in Love with Your Best Friend  ...

Do you have the one close friend who, sometimes, just sometimes, you get mixed emotions about and a sense that your feelings for them might be more than just platonic! Whether it’s a guy or a girl, friendships can be pretty intense, and all of a sudden they can go from completely normal to something more than in a matter of moments. Some of the strongest relationships in the world started out with the couple being best friends, but you need to make sure that you handle your emotions appropriately. Here are some signs that reveal you are in love with your best friend.

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Tell Them First

Whenever you have some good news or a juicy secret to share, they are the very first person that you think of to tell. You couldn’t imagine wanting to tell anybody before them, because you care more what they think than anybody else in the world.


Physical Intimacy

You are completely comfortable being physically intimate with them, even if it has only gone to a platonic level so far. You’re quite happy to spend an evening on the couch with them arm in arm bingeing in Netflix. And you have to opposition to the bottle landing on them in a fun game of spin the bottle.



You are overly protective of them, more so than you are of any other friend. You pass it off as only wanting the best for them, but it’s more likely to be the fact that you don’t want to see them with anyone else.


Sharing Issues

In fact, you don’t really even like to share them out with your other friends. You start to get a little bit jealous if it looks like they are striking up a meaningful connection with someone else in the social circle because it might mean that they spend less time with you and more time with someone new.


You’d do Anything

You find yourself going above and beyond for this person, much more so than with any of your other ‘friends’. You want to do anything to make them happy, even if it means putting some of your own responsibilities to the side for a period.


No Dating

You aren’t interested in dating somebody because you pretty much have all of the emotional connection you need with this friend. Starting a relationship would just mean that you had less time to spend with them, and that is the last thing that you want to happen.


Uncomfortable Relationship Stories

Groups of friends are supposed to share details about their romantic past, but when it comes to sharing with this one special friend, you find it hard to talk about it because it makes you feel awkward. Vice versa, you can’t stand to hear about the past exploits of the person who you have these elevated feelings for.


Mistaken Couple

You act so intimately with each other than people actually mistake you for a real couple. Not only do you find this funny rather than annoying, but deep down inside you actually really enjoy the confusion.

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I’ve been dating my bff for two years and all of this is right lmao

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