10 Signs You Are Being Too Picky ...


10 Signs You Are Being Too Picky ...
10 Signs You Are Being Too Picky ...

Figuring out all of the signs you are too picky isn't easy! I am super picky about who I let into my life and who I share things with and that's really hard to admit! So girls, if you've been single forever and have had a lot of first dates, it could be a sign you are too picky! Let's explore my top 10 signs you are too picky and that you should knock it off!

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You've Broken up with People over Things They've Done in Their Sleep

Be honest girls, have you ever ended a relationship just because a guy snores? What about because of a twitch or snort he does in his sleep? This could be a sign you are too picky! After all, think about all of the things that you do when you sleep!


You Can't Define Your 'Type' in Less than an Hour

We all have a type, I get that. I know that when I was single, my type constantly changed as my life changed. If you are still single and you can't define your type in less than a few … hundred words, it could be a sign you are too picky! Ladies, guys, just like us aren't perfect and while you aren't going to mesh with everyone, you also want to make sure that your 'type' is achievable for a guy!


You Show up Late and Get Upset when Your Date Isn't There Already

Double standards are something that we all have – but one sign you are too picky when it comes to guys could boil down to lateness. Even though you show up late all of the time, you expect your man to be there on time. Is that fair girls?


You Ignore the Guys That Actually Call – Because They Called Too Quickly

So you've given your phone number to a guy and he actually calls within a couple hours – do you find him to be too eager? Do you find him less attractive? Ladies, if he calls right away, that's a good sign, not a bad one! This is definitely a sign you are too picky for your own good!


You've Never Dated Anyone with an 'Annoying' Laugh

We've all dated that one guy that has an annoying laugh that isn't attractive – but that shouldn't hold you back from dating him. Have you dated that guy yet? Would you break up with someone because of their laugh? Well girl, that could mean that you are a little too picky!


You're Always the Rejector

So none of these have applied to you yet? Well, do you find yourself always being the rejector and never the rejectee? There could be some reasoning behind that girls! If you are constantly rejecting guys, but haven't been rejected yet, it's definitely a sign you are too picky!


You Counted How Many Times Your Date Went to the Bathroom, but Didn't Remember His Last Name

So the guy has went to the bathroom a couple times during your date, so what? Do you know how many times we go to powder our noses? Maybe he is nervous! Have you counted how many times he's went to the bathroom? Do you even remember his name? Ladies, that's a sign you are too picky!


You've Turned down More Dates than You've Been on

This one can actually go both ways, sometimes you just don't feel that spark with someone right off the bat, therefore you don't want to subject yourself to an evening with him. That's understandable ladies! But if you've truly turned down a ton more dates than you've been on, it could be a sign!


You Already Decide That There Won't Be a Second Date … before the First Has Started

Have you gotten five seconds into the date and already, you are thinking that there isn't going to be a second date? Has the date not even started yet and you're already dreading going? Well girls, that's totally a sign you are too picky!


“He's a Little Too …” is Your Answer after Every Date

Finally ladies, if you are constantly telling your posse of girlfriends that the guy you went on a date with is 'a little too tall' or 'a little too fat' or 'a little too bubbly', the problem could be you, not them!

So girls, it's time we take a look back at ourselves and really examine why we are single! These are the top 10 signs you are too picky! Do you have anymore signs you are too picky to add ladies? Don't be shy!

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Can you also add to your list 7ways to know is his the right one?... Plz

This is great! Could you possibly do an article on 7 ways to know he is a great fit for you? Or 7 ways to know an older guy is interested?

ok, I´m too picky now what? :( what should i do?!

He's great, I just couldn't stand his face.

what if u find him a little too rough, speaks poor english and has poor etiquette (can't use cutlery right) ?

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