6 Tell-tale Signs He's Too Immature for You ...


6 Tell-tale Signs He's Too Immature for You ...
6 Tell-tale Signs He's Too Immature for You ...

Finding someone special is a great feeling. You have someone to share experiences with, who you get to know over time and who you can be intimate with and enjoy their company. When a relationship works, it is the best feeling in the world knowing that you found your soul mate or someone you could see spending the rest of your life with. However, sometimes what starts out as a great thing, can go very wrong.

Call it a product of knowing someone too well or just a tragic turn of events, but sometimes that special someone becomes less special and more deplorable. One of the biggest turnoffs occurs when someone you are dating is immature. If you are not sure or are questioning whether or not your partner falls into this category, here are a few tale-tell signs you are dating someone immature:

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They Speak of an Ex with Spitefulness and Hatred

It is one thing to have a bad break up, but if your partner only speaks of their ex with insults, cattiness and, vindictiveness, that may be a red flag that your partner does not know how to maturely end a relationship—or possibly be in a relationship at all.


They Get Jealous if You Speak or Have Friends of the opposite Sex

Not only is this a sign of immaturity, but it is also a sign of insecurity. If your partner cannot handle the fact that you have friends that are of the opposite sex or thinks that those friends are only out for one thing, they have a lot of growing up to do when it comes to friendships and relationships.


They Live in a Pig Sty

Of course, not an actual pig sty, but a house messy enough to be considered one. Being a mature, responsible adult means taking care of a home so it is not riddled with dirty laundry, empty pizza boxes and garbage laying all over the place. If a person cannot take care of the simplest things like putting away clothes or throwing garbage in a can, perhaps a relationship will be a bit too much to manage as well.


They Still Think It is Okay to Behave like a Teenager

With age comes maturity, so it is not okay for someone to think it is fine to continue living life like he or she is still in high school or college (unless, of course, you are dating someone who is still in high school or college). Beer bongs, all-nighters and getting drunk all the time is a clear sign that a person has not grown up yet. Spare yourself the trouble of dating someone who is still trying to relive his or her youth.


They Constantly Talk about Friends and Others behind Their Backs

Most people will have something to say about a friend, family member or coworker which is understandable. But if your partner’s conversations are always focused on the negative attributes of people or finding fault with everybody, there is a good chance that you are not only dating an immature person, but an insecure one as well.


They Cannot Handle Stressful Situations

You are not a toddler anymore so stamping your feet and throwing things is not a mature way of dealing with frustration or stress. If your partner exhibits any of this behavior under stressful circumstances, you would be wise to second guess the relationship’s long-term potential.

If you suspect that you are dating someone who is immature, you have three choices—you can continue the relationship and see if things get better, you can try and help the person become more mature or you can end the relationship and move on to someone else. The choice is yours. Ultimately, you have to decide if the level of immaturity is more than you want to deal with or not. But in the end, it is your happiness that should prevail over everything else.

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