9 Real Signs You Are Girlfriend Material ...


9 Real Signs You Are Girlfriend Material ...
9 Real Signs You Are Girlfriend Material ...

What are the signs you are girlfriend material? Getting the man that you love to love you isn’t that hard, the hard part is keeping that man in a long-term relationships. So I am giving you some tips to help you to be the girlfriend every guy wants with these signs you are girlfriend material.

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A Good Listener

Good communication is the key to a good relationship.
Listen to your partner's words and what he is saying and really listen to him. Don’t act like you are listening while you are not, show your interest in what is being said and don’t interrupt what he is saying. Make eye contact and don't check your phone in the middle of the conversation because that shows that you are bored with him. Even if you are busy, making time for your partner is one of the top signs you are girlfriend material.


You Smile Most of the Time

Let's admit it, you won’t be happy all the time, but the times you are mad should be few and far between. Relationships should motivate both people to be the best version of themselves, so be optimistic and always be happy.


You Are Proud of Yourself

Love yourself and be confident. Nothing is sexier than a girlfriend who is comfortable in her own skin, who is working on herself and who is proud of what she has achieved.


Support Him in Everything He Does

It’s not just about encouraging your BF to go to college, get a better job or get the highest grade. It’s about accepting him when he makes mistakes too. Accept the bad with the good.



Being childish or immature will lead you to lose it all. So act like an independent woman. Be able to say what you really mean and don’t expect him to read your mind.


Flirt Only with Your Bf

When you are loyal to your BF, it is a major thing in your relationship. Never cheat and respect your partner.


You Take Care of Yourself

Physical appearance is so important. Take a shower, wash your hair, wear well-groomed clothes, put on deodorant, polish your nails and don’t forget your accessories. Impress him!


You Are Not Fighting with Him

getting angry about little things, screams at your partner, always complaining, fight with your partner.
who wants a girlfriend like this? darling make love, not war.


You Are Independent

Don’t be so needy. No man wants a woman who calls every five minutes, so give him his space. Don't show him that you have no interest in your own life or that you can't do anything without him. Understand that both of you need that space.

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