7 Signs You Are Not a Casual Dater ...


Not all of us are casual daters, it might just not be in your blood; but how do you know what signs you are not a casual dater to look out for? How do you know for sure that you aren't someone that can date … casually? Well, I've got all you commitment-driven peeps covered, I've got the top 7 signs you are not a casual dater and what to look out for! Take a look below!

1. You Are Commitment-Driven

You Are Commitment-Driven

One of the very top signs you are not a casual dater that you should be watching out for all revolves your feelings about dating. Do you like to date? Do you want to date? Or are you one of those people that is really looking for a commitment right off of the bat? If so, don't stress, it just means you aren't into casual dating.

You Want to Settle down


Shirley Alicia Denise Reeve
I'm defiantly not a casual dater but I'm wondering does being older have anything to do with it ? Maybe I should be hmm...
Heather Jensen
Oh good! I'm so glad it helped you! :) Promise you are not alone.
I'm so not a casual dater. Thanks for the article!
I'm pretty young, 19 actually, and I really am looking for a steady relationship... I always felt out of the loop with people my age cause all they want to do is hook up and bounce from person to pers...
Heather Jensen
Aww! I'm sure it is, but it isn't bad to not be a casual dater either! :)
Heather Jensen
That's awesome! :) I'm so glad that you are comfortable with it. I'm not a casual dater either and that's okay! :)
Comfortable with the fact that I'm probs not a casual dater
Thanks for writing this! I have never really felt comfortable with casual dating and wondered if I should. This made me feel more comfortable about that(:
Wish I could be more of a casual dater! Seems exciting and fun
Definitely not a casual dating person, but it seems fun and less stressful
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