20 Signs You Are Reading Too Much into Things ...

By Heather

Learning when you are reading too much into things can actually save you a ton of heartbreak. Do you know the signs to look for when you are reading too much into things? Well girls, I've read way too much into so many things, I'm an expert at spotting when you are reading too much into things, so take a look below and see if any of these signs apply to you!

1 You Become Obsessive Instantly

When your crush says one word to you, do you instantly become obsessive? Do you think that he automatically likes you? Ladies, he could just be, being polite. If you obsess over a look, a word, a smile – instantly, it could be one of the signs you're reading too much into things!

2 You Become Emotionally Attached Instantly

Even if your crush has never said a word to you, but he is talking to other girls and you feel jealous, do you think it could be a sign you're reading too much into things? Becoming instantly emotionally attached to anything that your crush does is hard on not just your emotions, but it can make you get hurt faster!

3 You Take Everything to Heart

Was he busy today and wasn't able to see you? Did you instantly cry and spend most of the day in bed? This could be a sign that you're reading too much into things. Just because he misses one day of seeing you doesn't mean he hates you, it means he's a little busy, that's all!

4 You Dwell on Every Action

Do you find yourself dwelling on every single thing that your crush does? Do you constantly watch his body language with other girls? Do you feel jealous all of the time even though you've never talked to your crush? It could be a sign that maybe, you're becoming a little too intense.

5 You Second-Guess Everything

Girls, I know when I am second-guessing every action of my own that I'm reading too much into things. If you find that you are second-guessing going to that party because he is going to be there or second-guessing an outfit choice because your crush, you tend to lose yourself a little. So girls, loosen up and just have fun!

6 Stalk His Facebook

Are you friends with your crush on Facebook? Do you constantly stalk him and figure out where he is checking in? If you're constantly watching everywhere your crush goes and everything he says and you take it personal, it could definitely mean that you're reading too much into things.

7 You Allow Everything He Says Gnaw at You

Did he mention that he had a good weekend but he didn't see you? Did he say that he had a good time at dinner with a friend that didn't include you? Do you allow everything that he says gnaw at your insides? Ladies, that's a sign that you might be reading way too much into his words. Just relax and let him tell you a little about himself and his plans!

8 A Smile Means He Loves You

Never, ever assume that a smile is anything more than a smile. Do you automatically think that just because a guy smiles at you, he instantly is attracted and likes you? That's definitely a sign that you're reading too much into things.

9 You Dissect Every Conversation

So you've finally had a conversation with your crush and now you are dissecting not only everything that he said, but everything that you said. Not only can this make you twist and turn the words, but it proves that you are reading way too much into things! Just let things happen ladies, it'll be so much better!

10 You Agonize over Every Gesture

He brushed against you when he walked passed, he accidentally touched your hand as he passed you – do you agonize over these gestures? Do you turn them over and over in your head and convince yourself that he likes you? This could absolutely be one of the ways you are reading too much into things!

11 You Pester His Friends for Clues

Even though you are not exactly friends with his friends, you constantly pester them for clues as to how he feels about you. Ladies, this can get annoying but also, you might be reading too much into your own feelings. If you really want to know how your crush feels about you, you've got to talk to him!

12 Everything He Says is about You

Facebook and Twitter are great social media websites to share your every thought – your crush can do the same and it doesn't always have to be all about you! Just because he said he had a great time last night in his status and you were there, it might not mean that it was because you were there.

13 You over-Analyze Everything

Do you constantly think about every single word that your crush has said to you and play it over and over in your head? Does this twist and turn the words into something hurtful rather than just a conversation? That would be a sign that you're reading way too much into things!

14 Every Outing is a Date

Just because your crush asks you to hang out with a bunch of your mutual friends does not automatically mean that it's a date. If you're thinking that every invitation is a date, it's definitely a sign you're reading too much into things!

15 Every “No” is a Rejection

Let's say that you ask your crush out to the beach or even just to hang out and he states that he has plans. This doesn't mean that he is rejecting you specifically, it means that he has plans right now, but maybe another time. It's not always about rejection ladies!

16 You Blow Little Things out of Proportion

Did you crush talk to another girl and now you automatically think that they are a couple? Even the smallest, little thing you blow completely out of proportion? That's definitely one of the signs that you're reading too much into things!

17 You Expect Perfection

Do you have extremely high expectations of your crush? Do you get extremely upset if your plans don't go exactly the way that they are supposed to? It could be because you expect perfection and ladies, nobody is perfect!

18 You Assume Too Much

Do you constantly assume that your crush is talking about you, thinking about you and expecting a text from you? Well ladies, that might not always be the case! Remember, assuming is never a good thing to do!

19 Confrontations over Non-Issues

Have you made up a bunch of scenarios in your head and then confront your crush with them? Ladies, if you are constantly confronting your crush over something that is so small and a non-issue, that could be a sign that you're reading too much into things!

20 You Search for Hidden Meanings

Finally, do you search for a hidden meaning in everything your crush says? He states he has to go see his parents, do you translate that into he doesn't want to see you? Sometimes he could just be busy, just remember that!

There you have ladies! The top 20 ways to tell if you're reading too much into things! What other ways can you tell if you're reading too much into things?

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