7 Signs You Are Ready to Get Engaged ...


If you are deeply in love and thinking about the future, you should learn the telltale signs you are ready to get engaged. Take the time to analyze your feelings and your relationship to determine if you should be making a permanent commitment to your current partner. If you have a deep feeling he may be the one, check out the signs you are ready to get engaged.

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Long-Term Planning

Dreaming about bachelorette parties, wedding dresses and the reception is always so much fun. But one of the signs you are ready to get engaged is that you understand that the marriage itself is far more important than the wedding day. Marriage is a life-long commitment that requires a lot more planning than just one day. There is much more to it than a fancy dress and being king and queen for the day like money, children, career goals, religion and figuring out how to discipline children.


Done with Dating

There was a time in your life when you would shamelessly flirt with any hottie that crossed your path and try to get their number. Can you honestly say that you have lived your single life to the fullest? Are you content being committed to your mate or do you often long for the days of singledom where you could stay out all night and not have to answer to anyone? If you aren’t quite ready to burn that little black book, then you should hold off on marriage until you are.


Everyone is Happy for You

Like most people, you have probably had exes that your family and friends didn’t like. They may have called him a loser, questioned why you would stay with him and told you that you could do better. This time around though, those closest to you approve of your significant other. They are actually wondering why you guys haven’t tied the knot already since they can see how happy you are and feel he’s perfect for you.


Ready to Share Your Life

You want to share all of life’s moments (big and small) with him. Think of your bucket list, which contains all the things you want to do in life like take a trip to Australia, jump from an airplane, or run a marathon. You know that he is the one that you want by your side as you experience all these amazing moments in life. You know that marriage is the right choice when you are looking forward to sharing your entire life with him.


You Can Handle Problems

Relationships aren’t always sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. There are going to be moments where you disagree and fight, but pay attention to the way that you fight. A couple that is ready for marriage knows how to fight fair. When they have a problem, they are willing to make compromises for the sake of the relationship instead of using ultimatums or verbally annihilating each other to get their way.


Other Relationships

Have you dated enough people to know the things that you want and don’t want in a partner? Have you been in enough relationships to understand what it takes to make a relationship work? Although breakups are miserable for everyone involved, they are extremely valuable as you search for the perfect person for you. At this point, you should have experienced other relationships and have no desire to be with anyone else. This person should be the culmination of all the people you have ever dated.


Listen to Your Heart

If you ask anyone that has been married, they will tell you that they just knew their significant other was the one they were meant to be with. This unique he’s-the-right-one feeling may have hit you when you first laid eyes on him or after dating a few years. But no matter how long it took, it got there. When you don’t desire anyone else and can’t imagine life without him - that’s when you know.

These are just a few things that are important to consider as you decide if he’s the one that you want to settle down with. Can you share other signs you are ready to get engaged?

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