3 Warning Signs You Are Repelling Men ...


3 Warning Signs You Are Repelling Men ...
3 Warning Signs You Are Repelling Men ...

There are some definite signs you are repelling men. Have you found yourself extremely unlucky in love of late? No matter what you do when it comes to the dating game, does it feel like you aren’t winning anything at all? Sure, it could just be that you are picking the wrong guys to explore romance with, but, and we hate to break it to you, could it actually be that you are the issue rather than them? Don’t worry, nothing that you are doing can’t be solved! Here are three classic signs you are repelling men.

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Taken Their Role

Sometimes men can get intimidated and shy away from women who they see as more powerful than they are. If you have a high powered job or are above this particular guy on the career ladder, then it might turn him off because he wants to be seen as the dominant professional force in the relationship. Honestly, it’s not worth wasting your time on guys like this anyway, so you are better off without these types!


Self Sabotage

Do you have the tendency to be your own worst enemy? If you carry a lot of baggage with you, either from childhood or from previous relationships, then you might be prone to engaging in self-sabotage without even knowing it. Even the noblest of men can only take so much self-sabotage, so if you can sense this in yourself, then it might even be worth digging a little deeper and seeing if seeking professional counselling or help might be an option for you.


Too Reactionary

If you are a person who can fly off the handle at even the tiniest thing, then that can be a very difficult environment in which to maintain a relationship. People who are extremely reactionary can make the mistake of saying and doing things in the moment that they will regret later, and one of these regrets might just be turning off and scaring away potential lovers!

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If they’re being repelled, they aren’t the one for you. 😏

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