Signs 🚦 You Have Fallen out of Love 💔 with Your Forever ⏳ Person 👫 ...


None of us anticipated that with falling in love comes the possibility that someday either one of you can fall out of love. I mean, who would have thought about that when you're in the middle of the highs in the roller coaster and falling is the best part, right? We all love the excitement, the laughter, the dates, the messing around with each other, the staying out late and the morning after. We all love the beginning just like in the movies.

Some may say this is the part where all of us are good at everything. We are in the middle of having it all and not ever thinking that it can fall apart once and for all.

It's there, you can both feel it ending but nobody's saying anything. Just like a person dying of cancer, they knew that somehow it's all going to end. So they just stand there, making the most out of their life while they still have time.

And here we are standing across one another like we still have time. Looking at each others' eyes with an empty soul.

The signs, have we had those? Did it happen right before our eyes or without us noticing at all? Was it me? Was it you?

Or was it both of us?

The Signs:

1. The Growing Apart

The first few months or years of every relationship are the happiest times. You just love to do everything together. You want to mature at the same pace bringing your relationship to the next level. You're both growing up while getting closer with each other.

And then the time comes when the other person seeks to experience something new, looking for more grown-up things to do while the other just can't or don't want to do it with them. They start to grow apart and the other just feels heavy, like you are holding each other down.

The Transition


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