5 Signs You Need to Take a Break from Dating ...

If you have been single and ready to mingle for a long time, you will know just how exhausting and disheartening being in the dating pool for an extended period can really be. If you aren’t particularly aiming to find a long term love interest and are just in it for temporary fun, then there is a lot to enjoy about fast, regular dating, but you need to be careful that you don’t become jaded by it and start to become accustomed to an unfulfilling conveyor belt type situation. Some women don’t even know that they need to take a step back because this weird rhythm has become their new norm. Here are five key signs that you might need to take a break from dating!

1. Too Much Excitement about Every Date

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You get equally excited about each date that you go, regardless of the quality of man than you are meeting. This is an indicator that you have become more excited about the process of going on the date, having dinner, etc., than actually about the prospect of making a meaningful connection with someone. To cure this, take some time out and try to readjust your priorities when it comes to dipping in the dating pool.

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