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24 Surefire Signs You Should Marry Him ...

By Sici

When it comes to love and relationships and finally settling down with someone who you think you might be able to spend the rest of your life with, sometimes people search for lots and lots of signs to help them make their decision and let them know that they are doing the right thing! After all, marriage is a serious business, and shouldn’t be entered in to lightly! Here are twenty-four signs you should marry him!

1 Nothing about the State of Your Relationship Gives You Any Form of Anxiety Whatsoever

2 He is Always Receptive to Your Feedback and Opinions; He Never Ignores You or Tries to Shut You down

3 You Don’t Feel Any Shame about the Fact That You Are Constantly Telling Your Friends How Happy and Content You Are

4 You Trust Him to Run Any Kind of Errand for You. There Isn’t Anything You Would Rather He Didn’t do

5 He Looks and Feels Completely Comfortable in All of Your plus One Situations. He Makes an Effort to Be Part of Your Social Life

6 He Always Brags about You to His Friends Rather than Doing the Usual Guy Thing of Never Talking about His Relationship!

7 He Doesn’t Think Twice about Making Sacrifices for You and Changing Plans in Order to Make You Happy

8 You Both Share the Same Core Life Values, Which is What Makes You so Compatible

9 Even after Being Together for Long, He Still Does All of the Little Chivalrous Things That Some Men Only do in the Early Dating Stage

10 He Loves You as You Are, and Never Tries to Change You to Be Anything Other than That

11 When You Think about the Prospect of Marrying Him, the Part That Excites You Most is Spending the Rest of Your Lives Together

12 You Have Had to Go a Little Long Distance before, and You Came through It Just Fine

13 When You Have to Spend More than a Day Apart, You Miss Him Terribly

14 You Have Never Liked Having a Roommate, and You Cherish Your Personal Space, but You Would Still Prefer to Be Living with Him above Those Concerns

15 He is You Go-to Person Whenever You Have an Emergency, a Story to Share, or Some News to Tell

16 You Feel Totally Comfortable Making Plans with Him That Are Months, Even Years in the Future

17 You Aren’t Afraid to Cry in Front of Him

18 You Can’t Relate when Any of Your Friends Complains and Complains about Their Significant Other

19 He Has Made an Effort to Be Close with Your Family, and They Love Him in Return

20 He Genuinely Cares about Your Friends, and Sees Them as His Own Friends Too

21 He Lets You Vent Any Frustrations That You Have, Even if They Are Small Little Silly Things

22 He is Always Complementing You out of the Blue, Even when You Aren’t Doing Anything Particularly Special

23 You Can Go on Vacations and Travel to Different Places without Having a Single Argument for the Whole Trip

24 When He Plans Activities, You Are Never Worried Because You Instinctively Know That He is Going to Organise Something That You’ll Love

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