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Not all long-distance relationships are difficult and quite complicated. It depends on how serious you are for your relationship. Every relationship has its pros and cons but if you work hard enough and if you have patience, then you can make it work. Just keep in mind that this is teamwork and you should find a balance between how much you give and how much you receive in the relationship. You don't want to feel used or taken advantage of if things don't go according to your plans. Here are 7 signs you can handle a long distance relationship that you should consider:

1. You Are Optimistic

One of the most obvious signs that you and your partner are ready for a long-distance relationship is that you are positive when you think about your relationship. You are optimistic about your future together and you know that if you are willing to make certain compromises, your relationship will flourish no matter how far you are from each other.

You Two Trust Each Other


Good tips
I am in long distance relation with my partner for 3 years..now is my husband. What i can say you will need to have strong heart and mental too. And depends on what kind of person your partner is..it is not that easy 😌
Lori Spencer Irvin
Flight Attendant for 30 yrs✈️✈️LD Relationships typically are more exciting yet have s higher failure rate:
Lol the last one, i failed 😂
Take it seriously !!! I agreed with this one
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