How to Tell if You Can Handle a Long Distance Relationship ...


How to Tell if You Can Handle a Long Distance Relationship ...
How to Tell if You Can Handle a Long Distance Relationship ...

Not all long-distance relationships are difficult and quite complicated. It depends on how serious you are for your relationship. Every relationship has its pros and cons but if you work hard enough and if you have patience, then you can make it work. Just keep in mind that this is teamwork and you should find a balance between how much you give and how much you receive in the relationship. You don't want to feel used or taken advantage of if things don't go according to your plans. Here are 7 signs you can handle a long distance relationship that you should consider:

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You Are Optimistic

One of the most obvious signs that you and your partner are ready for a long-distance relationship is that you are positive when you think about your relationship. You are optimistic about your future together and you know that if you are willing to make certain compromises, your relationship will flourish no matter how far you are from each other.


You Two Trust Each Other

If you and your partner trust each other and you know that you have nothing to worry about when you live in different cities or different parts of the globe, then this may be a clear sign that you two can handle a long-distance relationship. There might still be some insecurities that your partner might find someone else, but try not to let them interfere with your happiness.


You Value Communication

If you want your long-distance relationship to be successful, then you and your partner have to be aware of the importance of good communication. It’s very important to be in touch with each other through e-mails, webcam chats, phones or anything else. This will strengthen your bond and it will give you a sense of togetherness.


You Plan Surprises for Each Other

If you and your loved one love to plan surprises for each other because you like bringing a smile to each other’s faces as often as you can, you might handle all the challenges that a long-distance relationship can bring. You could send each other e-cards, gifts, love letters or you could dedicate love songs that will illustrate the feelings you have for each other.


You Take Your Relationship Seriously

If you want your long-distance relationship to work, then you and your partner need to take it seriously. You have to keep your relationship a high priority. For example, if your partner calls, then you should try to answer them, no matter how busy you are. Return their texts as soon as possible. Basically, do everything in your power to show them how important they are to you.


You Love to Travel

If you are a big fan of traveling, then a long-distance relationship might be perfect for you since you will often have the chance to just hop on a train, plane or car and go visit your significant other.


You Are Not Jealous

If you are not a jealous individual and if you and your partner don’t have any trust issues, then you two can handle a long-distance relationship. Jealousy can ruin any relationship, especially the long-distance ones since as you are not always around your significant other, you don’t know what they are doing or with whom they are.

Long-distance relationships can be beautiful but also challenging sometimes. What qualities should someone have to handle a long-distance relationship? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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Hey guys

Flight Attendant for 30 yrs✈️✈️LD Relationships typically are more exciting yet have s higher failure rate:

I've met a guy online who lives in US..he'll move to Mitchigan soon.. and I live in a tiny European country Slovenia.. we're talking on messenger constantly..we call eachother babe..:) we don't know yet how far we will allow that to go, but we really want to meet eachother.. I'm that kind of a woman, that needs kisses and hugs.. but It's worth to try. What do u think? We're so far away from eachother

One point to add: if you are the kind of person who needs a lot of physical contact (i.e. Hugs and kisses) and you feel bad about your relationship without it, then this is not a good idea. I've had a long distance relationship but felt so off during the whole time because it was leaving me with the feeling that a big part was missing. Physical contact isn't everything, true, but it still is a big part. For me it just didn't work out

Trust, comunication and optimism Always!

About to enter a long distance relationship with my high school crush. He noticed me 5 years later! Kind of nervous. He seems serious about this giving the fact he's never been in a long distance relationship before. Fingers crossed! I think he's the one

Currently in a long distance relationship and currently visiting him in Germany for the whole summer! It feels great to be reunited after many months apart. :)

Nice tips :)

Ok well I met this guy before and we still talk. He lives in a different state but I've met him before..I really want to trust him but I'm not sure if I can because he's a lifeguard at a water park and there's always girls around and I feel like he's gonna fall for another girl and then I'll get jealous..and I try my hardest to control my jealousy but it's hard coz I have jealousy 😔

Lol the last one, i failed 😂

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