5. Makes You Feel Guilty

Controlling men often try to make you feel guilty because you have other interests. They may imply it, rather than say it outright. Let's say you want to go away with friends and your boyfriend doesn't like it. He may pretend that he's not feeling well, but tell you not to worry, go anyway, he'll cope … So you cancel your plans, and he's got his way without appearing to have told you what to do.

You've Given Things up


This sounds my boyfriend....
Everything on this article complimented my last relationship. All the different topics about a controlling boyfriend was just like my ex. He was horrific & made me into this person I wasn't. It wa...
I'm only 15 and this sounds like my ex who was a year older, I just kept telling myself "it's just until summer Cassie, you can put up with him until then." thank goodness he left sooner than I imagin...
Brennan Elizabeth
I'm kind of worried about my friend... She's dating our other friend's brother and he's really nice, but not always to her... Any advice?
Fallon Taylor
Everything in this article is so true, I've been in a controlling relationship since I was 16, I'm now 23 & I've finally gotten the courage to leave! I'm breaking free & this article just reassured me that I made the right choice...
I think I'm gonna getting married a controlling man. I don't Knowles if those kind of Man are doing this on purpose or if itΒ΄s just because they are selfish
This isn't exclusive to boyfriends, women can be just as guilty of being controlling in the same manner as girlfriends or wives. Truthfully, not everything is a one way street.
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