7 Unexpected Signs Your Casual Relationship Isn't so Casual ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ’‹ ...

Is your casual relationship turning into something serious? Sometimes itโ€™s hard to tell. You donโ€™t know if your relationship is truly changing or youโ€™re only imagining it. Theseโ€™re 7 signs that your casual relationship is becoming a serious relationship.

1. Heโ€™s Started Calling You Baby

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While some guys do drop these names into casual conversation, itโ€™s rare. Most guys save pet names for their girlfriend or a girl that theyโ€™re at least very interested in. It may not be โ€œbabyโ€ but some other pet name. Whatever the term of endearment is, itโ€™s a sign. It says heโ€™s getting serious about you.

2. He Spends a Lot of His Free Time with You

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If a guy is into you then he wants to spend time with you. He may still go out and shoot some hoops with his friends but the majority of his time belongs to you. He loves hanging with you, no matter what youโ€™re doing. You could be painting your nails and heโ€™s happy to be nearby. Thisโ€™s a sign that he wants something more than casual friendship or dating from you.

3. You Text Daily

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Do you text daily? If so then he may be moving toward something more serious with you. He wants a daily connection and thatโ€™s really sweet as long as itโ€™s something you both want. If not then itโ€™s a totally different situation. But if you want your relationship to move forward then all of theseโ€™re good signs.

4. He Knows Your Favorite Foods

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If your guy knows your favorite foods and you know his then the two of youโ€™re getting close. Yes, it could just be a close friendship. But if youโ€™ve started dating and know this much about each other then your relationship is moving toward serious status. You may not have made that verbal commitment yet but itโ€™s on the horizon. Enjoy each step of getting there!

5. He Wants You to Meet His Family

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Yes, itโ€™s possible that he just wants you to meet his family and itโ€™s not getting serious between the two of you. But thatโ€™s not usually the case. If heโ€™s taking you home to meet Mom then youโ€™re in, girlfriend. My brother always said that not every girl is one you take home to meet the parents and I think that expresses how most men think. They only make the decision to introduce a girl to their family when they feel strong feelings for her. So take this as a sign things are turning serious.

6. Heโ€™s Flirted with the Subject of Commitment

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Has your guy mentioned the possibility of a commitment? Maybe he made a joke about dating exclusively or a random comment. If so, then thereโ€™s meaning hidden there. He may be fishing to see how you react. He wants to know if you have an interest in a serious relationship.

7. Intuition Tells You Itโ€™s Headed That Way

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Intuition can be a better indicator than any of the other signs weโ€™ve talked about here. When things are getting serious you just feel it. You have this feeling that your relationship is deepening. Intuition can be a womanโ€™s best friend. Itโ€™s a good guide in almost any situation you encounter in life. Itโ€™s important to note itโ€™s not always right but it is the majority of the time.

Theseโ€™re 7 signs that your relationship is going from casual into serious. Do you see any of them in your relationship? Iโ€™d love to hear from you!

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