27 Signs Your Long Distance Love is Ending ...


27 Signs Your Long Distance Love is Ending ...
27 Signs Your Long Distance Love is Ending ...

Long distance relationships are tough, because you rarely get to see the other person. Even with the help of Skype and cell phones, it can be difficult to sustain a healthy relationship. If you're worried about yours, here are some signs that the fun is coming to an end:

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There is a Dramatic Change in Your Communication Routines

hair,human hair color,facial expression,face,person, You start to notice that he doesn’t reply to your text messages, calls and e-mails. It seems like he can’t even be bothered to contact you. When he does talk to you, the conversation is short and lacks quality. This change usually means your boyfriend is losing interest in the relationship.


The signs of a long-distance relationship ending can be hard to spot, but one of the most common is a dramatic change in communication routines. If your boyfriend is no longer responding to your messages, calls, or emails, or if the conversations have become shorter and less meaningful, it’s a sign that he is losing interest in the relationship. Other signs of a long-distance relationship ending include a lack of effort on both sides, a decrease in communication, and a general feeling of disconnection. It’s important to pay attention to these signs and take steps to address any issues before the relationship ends.


He Always Has an Excuse Ready

hair,human action,beauty,hairstyle,long hair, He is full of excuses when you suggest using webcams or a messenger program so you can spend some time together online. He will turn you down with various excuses like he is too busy, too tired or already has plans for that evening. If you have to plead with him to hang out with you, you are definitely in a dying long distance relationship. He would make spending time with you a priority if he wanted to continue the relationship,


When you try to plan a digital date night and he's nowhere to be found, it's a major red flag. Consistent excuses undermine the foundation of trust and effort that long-distance relationships require. It's natural to have some schedule clashes, but if "I can't make it" becomes a routine response, it's a signal that his interest is waning. A partner who is invested in the relationship will find a way to show up, regardless of the miles between you.

Frequently asked questions

It can be tough to spot, but some signs are fewer texts, less interest in your day, and rarely making plans to visit. Trust your gut—if something feels off, it probably is.

Signs include missing phone calls, not making an effort to visit, constant arguments, and feeling emotionally distant. Both partners need to stay committed to make long distance work.

If he’s stopped saying 'I love you' or showing care, it might be a sign. Lack of enthusiasm, avoiding future plans, and less frequent communication can also be red flags.

Yes, if he dodges conversations about visiting or the next steps in your relationship, it might be a sign he’s not as invested. Future planning is key in long distance relationships.

Firstly, try reaching out to understand what's up. If he’s still unresponsive, take some time for yourself, reflect on the relationship, and consider if it’s working for you.


You Feel Unimportant to Him

hair,human hair color,blond,face,hairstyle, If you bring this particular subject up with him, he will dismiss your feelings and be unwilling to talk about it. Your boyfriend should do everything he can to make you feel cherished and loved even if he is far away. If it seems like you are taking a backseat to other priorities in his life, maybe its time to let go of him.


When communication dwindles and you're frequently the one initiating contact, it’s a red flag. In a loving relationship, both partners should eagerly reach out. Feeling like an afterthought rather than his main squeeze speaks volumes. Distance shouldn't create emotional unavailability. If his texts have become sporadic and calls short and infrequent, it signals a shift in his priorities. You deserve to feel like a priority, not an option, and when a partner can't provide this basic emotional necessity, it might be time to reevaluate your connection.


He Doesn’t Talk about the Future

hair,person,hairstyle,brown hair,long hair, A long distance couple frequently talks about the future because the ultimate goal is to live together in the same place one day. One of the biggest signs your long distance relationship is ending is that he doesn’t seem interested in making future plans with you. The awesome conversations about getting married, names of your future kids and where you will both live have completely stopped.


When your partner avoids discussing next weekend's video call or hesitates to commit to visit dates, it could indicate a loss of interest. This reluctance can extend to smaller plans like watching the same movie or planning online activities together. If these once exciting plans seem to fizzle out or are met with excuses, it may be time to reflect on where the relationship is heading. Dreams of shared holidays or choosing that perfect apartment together shouldn't dissolve into silence—if they do, it might be a signal to have an honest conversation about your shared future, or lack thereof.


He Doesn’t Use Endearing Nicknames for You Anymore

hair,color,human hair color,red,face, A healthy couple enjoys using many terms of endearment whenever they speak to each other. Not only because its fun but because it can make you feel emotionally closer to one another. He may already have one foot out the door if he stopped calling you silly and sweet nicknames like hunny bunny, baby cakes or love muffin.


Sometimes, it’s these little nuances that keep the spark alive in your relationship. When he drops those special monikers that used to make your heart flutter, it can be a signal that his feelings have cooled. Remember, nicknames are often a sign of affection and intimacy; their absence may suggest a growing emotional distance. Don’t ignore this change—communication is key. Have a heart-to-heart and express your concerns. If he's evasive or dismissive, that could be another red flag waving at you, signaling troubles in your romantic paradise.


He Doesn’t Want to Discuss Any Problems in Your Relationship

human action,face,person,blond,sense, Most guys are natural problem solvers so if he shows no interest in improving the current state of affairs, it may signal a dying long distance relationship. If he has really given up on the relationship, he doesn’t feel the need to solve its issues. Don’t force the matter because you can’t make someone love you.


Communication is at the heart of any successful long-distance relationship. When your partner is unwilling to address the troubles bubbling under the surface, it often means their emotional investment has waned. It's essential to recognize when the effort to maintain a healthy dialogue becomes one-sided. Instead of pushing on a closed door, take a step back and evaluate if this resistance is a pattern. Remember, a partnership requires teamwork, and without it, the foundation of your connection may very well be crumbling.


He Meets a Girl That Lives Closer to Him

color,face,facial expression,nose,image, He insists they are just friends but you suspect that there is something fishy going on. When you invite him to come visit you on the weekend, he will say he already has plans with her. This is a neon flashing sign that he has replaced you with someone else. It’s safe to say that he probably won’t mind if you find a substitute for him.


He's constantly posting pictures online with her, all smiles and cozy hugs. You notice comments and likes from mutual friends, yet when you bring it up, he downplays it—claiming they're just good pals hitting it off. But the distrust settles in when he starts mentioning her constantly, comparing your interests with hers, or casually dropping anecdotes featuring her. It's gut-wrenching to hear, and the pang of jealousy is unmistakable. Every fiber in you wants to trust him, but deep down, you know the truth is staring you in the face with a bittersweet smile.


Your Inner Voice

color,hair,red,image,photography, Listen to that nagging inner voice because it will guide you when you feel confused about what to do with your relationship. One of the ultimate signs your long distance relationship is ending is that your inner voice is also telling you that your boyfriend now thinks of you more as a good friend instead of his hot girlfriend that he can’t get enough of. Once he threw you into the friend zone, the relationship ended in his mind.


Often, that whisper in the back of your mind speaks volumes about the state of your long-distance romance. It's a sign worth heeding when that voice seems to echo the painful truth that your connection has shifted from passionate to platonic. If you sense that your place in his heart has subtly moved from beloved to buddy, it's likely that the romantic chapter has silently closed for him, even if the words haven't been spoken yet. Trust your intuition—it's a powerful ally in navigating the complex map of love.


No More Video Chats

hair,face,blond,pink,doll, While not every single couple video chats, most of them do -- it makes you feel like you are right there. If you and your boyfriend constantly video chatted and now, it's nothing -- there's a problem. That means that you've really got to consider that your relationship might be coming to an end.


Communication is the glue that holds long-distance relationships together, and video chatting serves as an intimate bridge between two separate worlds. When this lifeline dwindles to nothing, the silence can be deafening. It's a glaring red flag that the excitement to share daily experiences and gaze into each other's eyes has faded. Without this virtual closeness, the emotional distance can grow exponentially, until the heart-to-heart connection that once thrived in a digital space begins to wither. Trust your gut - it's likely signaling a significant shift in the relationship dynamic.


He is Suddenly Making Plan with People You've Never Heard of

hair,face,person,black hair,girl, Do you know most of his friends? Do you know pretty much everyone he hangs out with? Is he suddenly meeting a bunch of new people and hanging out with them constantly ... and you have no idea who they are? That could be a sign that he doesn't want you to know who they are or that part of his life.


If your partner is becoming elusive about the details of these new friendships, it may be a red flag. It's natural in any relationship to make new friends, but transparency is key. If he's avoiding introducing you virtually or diverting the conversation every time you bring them up, there's a possibility he's distancing himself emotionally from you. It's important to have a heart-to-heart, and clarify why these new friends are off the radar so far as your connection is concerned.


No Scheduled Visits

color,hair,facial expression,face,person, How are the visits? Do you have any of the scheduled? Seeing one another, even though you are miles away, is so important. If you don't have anything scheduled, you might want to see if you can get a visit scheduled, just so that you can learn his life.


It's all about making memories and sharing experiences, even if they're few and far between. Without the excitement of an upcoming reunion, the relationship might start to feel stagnant. Get creative with planning; maybe a surprise visit or a holiday rendezvous? Those dates circled on the calendar spark joy and give you both something to eagerly await. It's not just the meeting, it's the anticipation and the butterflies that keep the spark alive. So why not get to planning and keep those flames of love burning bright?


He Lacks Effort

black,white,face,black and white,person, How is his effort? Does he put forth any of it? Do you feel like he is constantly just slipping away and he is more interested in hanging out with people that are actually right there? This is a sign!


When you're pouring your heart into texts, calls, and video chats, but receive nothing more than monosyllabic replies or delayed responses, it's a red flag. If he's too "busy" to make time for a quick catch-up, or shows little interest in your day-to-day life, his priorities may have shifted. Sure, everyone has their off days, but if his lack of effort becomes the norm rather than the exception, it might be time to reassess where you stand. True affection is mirrored in consistent, mutual effort - don't settle for less.


Uninterested in Your Day

person,ess, Another sign your LDR is ending is that he has absolutely no interest in your day, your life or what you are doing. He doesn't ask follow up questions and he always seems distracted whenever he is talking to you.


This lack of interest can be incredibly disheartening, casting a chilly pall over conversations that once sparkled with enthusiasm. It's like your anecdotes and experiences, once a source of shared joy, are now merely whispers in the wind to him. If expressing your feelings feels like talking to a brick wall rather than the engaging exchange it used to be, it may be a signal that the emotional connection is wavering. Communication is the lifeline of a long-distance relationship, and without it, sustaining the bond becomes a steep uphill battle.


No More "I Love Yous"

hair,human hair color,blond,face,person, When you're in a long distance relationship, words are incredibly important. Since you can't hug or kiss your partner, you need to show them you care with your words. If your boyfriend used to tell you that he loved you every single day, but refuses to say it now, then something's wrong.


No Presents

person,woman,photography,beauty,girl, Yes, he's far away, but he should still send you presents for the holidays and your birthday if you can't arrange to hang out in person. If big events come and go without a card from him, he doesn't care enough about you. Unless he has a present waiting for you at home, the relationship is rocky.


Awkward in Person

Freeform,hair,person,hairstyle,brown hair, When you finally get a chance to visit him, you two should be thrilled! If he looks bored or acts awkward, then there must be a reason behind his strangeness. Maybe he's just shy, because he's used to talking to you over electronics, but maybe his feelings for you have changed.


Overly Jealous

face,nose,brown hair,supermodel,emotion, When you tell a story about a guy that you work with, does your boyfriend flip out? If he gets way too jealous anytime you mention another guy, your relationship won't last long. Jealousy and long distance relationships don't mix well. If he doesn't trust you, it'll be over soon.


Fantasizing about Others

hair,white,face,black and white,black, Have you started to pay more attention to the attractive men around you? If you've fantasized about kissing a guy you like that actually lives in your town, then you might be tempted to cheat. It'll be easy to get away with, since your boyfriend is so far away, but breaking up with him is the right thing to do.



face,blond,beauty,portrait photography,sense, If your boyfriend deletes you from Facebook or blocks you from seeing another social media site, he's definitely hiding something from you. Since you live so far apart, you can only see his life through electronics. If he's trying to take that away from you, then he probably wants to break up.


No Updates

face,person,nose,black hair,beauty, Do you find out about his promotion by looking at his status instead of getting an excited phone call? If he tells the entire world his good news before he tells you, then he doesn't think you're all that important. You don't want to be with someone who thinks so low of you.


When communication dwindles to the point where you're the last to know about major events in his life, it's a glaring sign that priorities have shifted. True intimacy is fostered through sharing triumphs and failures with each other before broadcasting them to the world. If you're constantly in the dark and catching up through social media or mutual friends, it's worth questioning whether the connection is as strong as it once was or if you're becoming an afterthought in his life.


Hides You Away

black and white,photography,beauty,monochrome photography,monochrome, When you visit, does he introduce you to all his friends or does he make sure to avoid everyone he knows? If he won't take you out of his house, then you might be his side girl that he doesn't want his other girlfriend to run into.


His reluctance to expose you to the different spheres of his life is a glaring red flag. Intimacy extends beyond the physical, enveloping the personal and social aspects too. When he hesitates to merge his world with yours, it signals a lack of commitment or a fear of being discovered. True partnership thrives on inclusivity, and if you're being sequestered like a secret, it's time to question his intentions. Remember that being someone's priority looks and feels unequivocally different from being an option kept hidden away.


Boring Conversations

hair,person,blond,beauty,hairstyle, There will always be days when your conversations are a bit bland and repetitive. However, if the conversations have been boring for the past few months, something's wrong. Your whole relationship is about talking, so if you aren't happy while chatting, what's the point of dating?


Communication is the core of any flourishing relationship, especially when miles apart. If your dialogue has lost color, it may signify disinterest or a lack of shared experiences. Spice things up with new topics, or shared activities like watching a movie simultaneously over video chat. But, remember, both partners have to make an effort. If it feels like pulling teeth just to get a conversation going, it's time to reassess where your connection is heading. It’s crucial to have open and engaging dialogues that bring joy and closeness, even when you’re physically apart.


It's a Chore

hair,face,black,black and white,person, When it's almost time for your weekly Skype date, do you groan and grumble as you open up your laptop? If talking to your boyfriend feels like more of a chore than a pleasure, there's no point in dating. You want to be with someone who you look forward to talking to.


Different Futures

hair,face,person,blond,beauty, If he wants children when he's older, but you don't, there could be a problem. Not all couples think about marriage and kids when they're young, but if you're in a long distance relationship, you typically look forward to having a future together. If you can't imagine one, then it's time to call it quits.


Open Relationship

black,black and white,photography,monochrome photography,darkness, Open relationships rarely end well, especially if you start out in a monogamous one. If your boyfriend asks for an open relationship, he's really asking for permission to sleep with someone else. Since she'll be nearby when you're far away, your relationship is bound to end.


Looks like a Mess

hair,person,blond,hairstyle,long hair, You don't see each other often, so when you do you should be dressed to impress. If your boyfriend picks you up at the airport wearing sweatpants and a hoodie, something's fishy. He should be looking his best for you, not like he rolled out of bed and didn't care what he put on.


Can't Take the Time Apart

person,image,human positions,screenshot,sense, It's normal to hate being apart from your boyfriend. However, if the pain is less about how much you love him and more about the fact that you can't get pleasured by him, find someone else who can fulfill your needs.

When a long distance boyfriend truly cares about his girl, he’ll put in the love and extra effort required to sustain the relationship. If you are the one doing all the work, you can end up miserable, lonely and emotionally exhausted trying to keep this type of relationship alive. If you see the signs your long distance relationship is ending, say goodbye. Take time to heal your broken heart and then go find a guy who appreciates your amazingness. Trust me, he’s out there! So ladies, do you know of any other signs that indicate a long distance relationship is ending?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

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I feel like I have no where to turn for advice because none of my girl friends can empathize with what I am going through right now. My long term boyfriend and I just started doing distance. He lives on the opposite side of the country than I. I am extremely devoted to him and have imagined myself being with him forever. The problem is that after never being apart and doing distance for the next two years, a lot of these signs are happening and I have tried to do and say everything I can think of to reassure him that this is just temporary and that this will be hard but that we will get through it together. However, he is now saying that he doesn't know if distance is for him and doesn't know how to find a solution to feeling unhappy. He says that talking on the phone and skyping doesn't bring him the same happiness that being together does and he doesn't know what to do to remedy this situation. Please help!!!

This is an exact description of what happened to me once, so I ended it. It didn't hurt as much as I had expected, because in long distance relationships, you tend to just slowly drift away from each other, so when you finally break up, it's not so shocking. At least you're able to say you tried, and you did your best, right? Perhaps if I hadn't tried it, I would have wondered for the rest of my life wether things would have worked or not.

Had something like that for 5 years.. was more like being strung along though and one sided, He just got married to someone he only met twice and knew for 6 months, Never again that is all I will say. He also sprung it on me was all the time living with someone like immediatly after I confessed my feelings. I don't trust him at all now and this is someone I thought was maybe the one.

This sucks I can\'t read all the article.

#1 I feel like my boyfriend is no longer interested in me since he hasn't replied to my emails or anything whenever I text him because hes acting different around me and i feel like something is up with him since he always makes things up like he says he's always tired and stuff like that, also he always plays games with his friends and he never has time for me i don't think because he's like let me finish this game real quick and then i'll text you back, but then whenever he's done then he just goes to sleep? what should I do?

Hi, I'm 21 and my boyfriend just ended our long distance relationship :( when I visited him I told him that I had never liked anyone as much as much as I liked him and that I was "all in" with this.....3 weeks later he called it off saying that he didn't think he would ever like me as much as I liked him, that he wasn't as attracted to me as he was when were together everyday :( I can't help feeling if I had held off telling him things would have worked out so differently :( Any advice? xx

I feel your pain but thankfully I did not invest 5 years of my life. I am so sorry. I just gave up nine months which I know pales in comparison. I am getting older though and it just plain sucks sometimes. Chin up. His loss.

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