5 Classic Signs Your Partner Doesn't Care Enough about You ...


5 Classic Signs Your Partner Doesn't Care Enough about You ...
5 Classic Signs Your Partner Doesn't Care Enough about You ...

Have you been getting signals your partner doesn't care enough about you? It’s such a great feeling to be in a relationship, but it’s even better being in a relationship with someone who really cares for you and sees you firmly in their future. A relationship for relationship sake is no good for either of you. You need to feel loved, valued and respected. If you aren’t getting this vibe and you feel as if you aren’t as close as you should be, or your partner is pulling away, there are some classic signs to look for, signs that your partner doesn’t care about you.

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They Take a Long Time to Answer Texts

We live in a digital age where everything is immediate. It has given us the expectation that when you send a text, you expect a speedy response. It may seem trite, but unless there are sound reasons (like work) why your partner takes an unreasonable amount of time to respond to texts, it shows a lack of thought for how this may affect you and a disregard for your feelings. And talking of which....


They Disregard Your Feelings

Do you find as a couple that you avoid certain subjects because you think your partner can’t handle how you feel about it or you don’t feel you can bring up certain things because you’re afraid of their reaction or simply being ignored? This is a sign that you are with someone who doesn’t respect your emotions. You both need to be tolerant of each other’s feelings and be able to discuss things either of you think are important. No subject should be unbroachable in a relationship built on love, trust and respect.


They’re Self-absorbed and Don’t Make Room for What is Important to You

Selfishness is difficult in any relationship. It can seem rather innocent that they talk all the time about their life, that they choose what you’re doing for the evening or the weekend. It may even be simple things like having to always watch his shows on TV. You need your own identity in a relationship and that means both being able to do things you each want and the other joins in – and without reluctance. If your partner is unwilling to compromise, he is not making your happiness a priority. What does the future hold if he is only willing to do what he wants to do?


They Put You down in Front of Others

It starts off as a bit of a joke. When you’re with your social circle or work colleagues, and even with family, your partner belittles you. It may look innocent with them just relaying a “funny story” or sharing something you said they thought was silly but when it turns to digs and jibes that undermine your confidence in your relationship in front of others, or even just that they begin to hurt you and diminish your self-esteem, it’s a sign your partner is once again ignorant of your feelings and perhaps does not care about the impact of his behavior on you.


You Have to Make Excuses for Them More Often than You like

Are you stuck in a cycle of consistently giving your partner the benefit of the doubt and making excuses for them? How many times do you make those excuses or rationalize his behavior? There comes a point when too many times are not isolated incidents – it’s a pattern of behavior and it is not acceptable. Supporting your partner does not mean making excuses for his unreasonable, rude or selfish behavior.

If you see these signs, it is fairly clear that your partner is not as invested in the relationship as you are. Don’t you deserve better?

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